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Introducing our NEW IMPROVED, SMOOTHER, FASTER SYSTEM! Finally with faster service and better quality!




 ***IMPORTANT*** -  We do NOT sell spare bolts or carriers. We improve your stock parts through modification. ALL hammers and B&C sets are carefully measured throughout the re-profiling process,in order to maintain a safe amount of steel thickness on the contact surfaces. Then before (and after) final polishing and buffing, each set is tested and matched together as one safely operating unit, to be absolutely certain the disconnect will grab the hammer if the trigger is held to the rear.... every time.***



These are some examples of what you can expect from our service. All these pics are recent sets we shipped back to our customers.


   Typical Saiga 12 sets with our basic Reliabilty Service:       (This is what you get for $210 shipped. FCG AND B&C re-profiled, matched together as the ultimate low friction /high performance unit, and mirror polished on all contact surfaces)










 Here is a set with some extra services we offer- A bead blasted and fully polished Bolt & Carrier (extra $150) with our Grooved Trigger ($25 extra) for better grip:




This is a set from a Vepr 12 with some added accent polishing to some different areas for a subtle flashy look:




 Here is a set from a Saiga .308 Rifle:

The rifles require less profiling work so the cost for service on rifle sets is only $160 shipped




Example of a serviced set with our Left Hand Charging Handle (LHCH):  $175.00 Extra (Please see LHCH thread for more)





[ EDIT TO ADD]  >>>             ** No longer supplying the optional port gauges & other maintenance tools in kits. Just too time consuming and nobody ever metioned using them much. Will likely still supply samples of the Tromix Lube and gas port cleaning & inspection tools at least by request when available.**




For more please view and like our Cobra's Custom Facebook page where we regularly post pics of new work going out.




 Now everyone knows there have been a gazillion threads where bolt and FCG re-profiling and polishing have been discussed. For once I think we need to have an all inclusive thread where people can go to get a serious, full understanding of what it is and why it actually works

The following writeup is factual and meant to inform anyone who reads it to the end, and watches all the videos, of how this service can help any of these weapons. I feel it's very important to finally and FULLY, explain in no uncertain terms just what exactly all this whole "bolt polishing and re-profiling, reliability upgrade service" is really all about and why it definitely works.

This will be a lengthy description in order to fully explain what you get for your money. 015.gif  Just grab a beverage, take some time, kick back and check it all out please. beer.gif  If you still have any questions feel free to contact me by PM or by following the link to our website below.


It has been suggested that I move all the info on pricing and shipping back here to the beginning of this ad. If you really want to know what you are being charged for and how it will help,  you really need to read all the info though. There is MUCH misinformation posted in threads all over the forum which is totally false. These are the FACTS.


Ordering Instructions:

**For now please PM us with questions or orders as we work on getting our new website up and running. Once that is complete it will be possible to place orders on the site to make things more efficient.**

Short summary of costs for services...:

Full Service - $210

 Re-profile/polish bolt, carrier, fire control group (trigger, etc.) Free rework & polish BHO

 *Parts you will send - Bolt, Bolt Carrier, Hammer, Trigger, Disconnect & Spring, BHO*


Basic Service - $160

  Re-profile/polish bolt, carrier only

  *Parts you will send - Bolt, Bolt Carrier


Left Side Charging Handle - $175  [This is a separate service and charge to those listed above, but can be done at same time]

  Weld on left side charging handle to bolt carrier, blend, sand, and refinish

  *Parts you will send - Bolt carrier, dust cover


Complete New Custom Tapco G-2 Trigger - $100

We can supply you with a new trigger pack to use for your conversion project.


-What We Need For You To Send And How To Ship It:

  Here is a list of the items you should send for the complete service... ANY variation from this list we ask you to please note with your order.

1. Bolt

2. Bolt Carrier

3. Hammer

4. Trigger

5. Disconnect

7. Disconnect Spring

(If you are sending the factory trigger group the disconnect and sear are together)

8. BHO Lever

** If you are having a left hand charging handle welded on, we also need your dust cover to notch out for it.



Please let us know in your order PM if you need instruction on disassembling the parts from the weapon. I can easily talk you through removing the FCG without having to drill any holes. Even a factory Saiga FCG can be easily removed in less than a few minutes. I can talk you through it on the phone if necessary. I'll also make sure you know how to get it back together.

  We only need the parts. Do NOT send the complete weapon. We're working towards getting our FFL but we're not there yet.


-Packing And Shipping Your Parts:

It is important to wrap up your parts well and pad them tightly, so they cannot shake and rattle around inside the box. Also be sure and use a box that will hold them. Please do not put them in an envelope. I have seen people ship bolts and carriers in lightweight manilla envelopes, or even those USPS "padded" envelopes... they get here with holes all over them from the steel beating and banging it's way though. Also seen them put in good sturdy boxes, but then no padding was used so they showed up with little 1/2" circular holes all over the place where the gas piston / op rod had poked through the side. Seriously guys pad your parts well so we can assure they get here safe. You can rest assured we will when we send them back.

 Please include a note inside with your name & return shipping address, to ensure we have that info if the box gets damaged. Lastly, please include on your note, the details of your order AND A COMPLETE LIST OF THE PARTS YOU ARE SENDING. Most people also print out the page from our PMs exchanged. This is very helpful to us when keeping your order correct to every detail. When parts arrive here they are delivered to our door, not left at the street. They will be processed immediately and put in their own sealed container with all your info inside, and a date received on the front, complete with your serial number. That's how we roll. We will try to let you know they got here and have been processed, so please don't email and ask. You will be receiving a tracking number as soon as they are ready, so again there is no need to ask how things are coming along. We ask that you please not do this. If everyone needs email attention every day, guess how much less work gets done on your parts? Yep.  sad.png


 Thank you! We appreciate your consideration.  smile.png



   The Reason This Service can help you:


I will try to approach this topic scientifically and explain it all as best I can, so that the seasoned Saiga owner can get something out of it and even the first time visitor to our forum can easily understand it, and why this service will take any Saiga 12, and vastly improve it's performance with any loads, no matter how well the gas system works or doesn't work. If this service is performed FIRST, before doing anything else or adding any after market parts to the weapon, chances are very good it will actually work with whatever you want to feed it.  It will not need "breaking in"... All "broken in" really means is that the moving parts "wear into each other" as they remove all that paint and irregular surface areas from the crude mass production of the parts. I will make myself available to all our customers as well, to tell them other ways they can do things to the rest of the gun to smooth things up and increase reliability. When you get your parts back and install them in your weapon, it will already BE "broken in".... and still be brand new. You won't have to go waste a lot of money on expensive magnum ammo and try to beat it into submission. Just go ahead and start using the light loads you can buy at your local Walmart. I'm talking about the 100 rd "value pack" low brass ammo most people use for just general plinking or whatever. Anything with a minimum of 1200 FPS and 3 Dram, and your shotgun should be good to go after our service. If not then your weapon is defective, and only then should you have to send it to a gunsmith or attempt work on the gas system yourself. (Or possibly THEN get it to work by replacing a few springs or a performance puck)

 Contrary to popular belief, a new gas plug or regulator does absolutely nothing to add power to the cycle of your weapon. The only thing you gain from a new gas plug is the ability to better CONTROL or turn DOWN your gas. The new Auto Plugs give you the luxury of not having to adjust the gas plug at all, but the factory plug on it's wide open (#2) setting will deliver all the gas to cycle your weapon, that it is capable of allowing through the gas ports drilled in the barrel.


 There are ONLY a few things that can keep your (complete... all parts installed) factory new Saiga or Vepr shotgun from cycling any kind of ammo.

Most likely :

1. The ports are either too small to let enough gas through, or there are not enough ports drilled in the barrel.

2. The ports may be obstructed, either by the gas block itself, or something in the port (either crud from shooting or it wasn't drilled properly).

3. The gas puck is not functioning correctly.

4. The gas piston (or op rod) is damaged.

5. The ammo is too weak to cycle a semi auto military style shotgun.

 OR more likely...

6. The weapon is hindered by way too much excess friction caused by the design and the geometry of the unmodified factory bolt and internals. It's important to keep in mind folks... these are military shotguns and were  designed to run on higher powered ammo. Also something commonly encountered after converting the weapon (or 'restoring' it as some people like to call it) the action is hindered by using AKM RIFLE parts in a weapon they were never designed to work in (like ALL US made AK hammers that have not had the face reduced in thickness to account for the larger 12 or 20 ga shotgun bolt and lower guide rails...).


 Before doing anything else to the weapon after initial lube and test fire, if it does not cycle ammo that is a minimum 1200 FPS 3 dram 1 1/8 oz load.... Then our service or one like it, will vastly improve your chances of it cycling reliably once it's done.



 We want to let everyone know we are finally able to turn around matched sets of re-profiled and polished bolt and trigger groups.... in two to four weeks at present! Currently it's two weeks or less actually!

 Announcing our new improved complete reliability upgrade service - The Cobra's Custom Reliability System. This system is guaranteed to help any AK, Vepr, or Saiga run smoother and better than before our service. If you have a Saiga or Vepr shotgun of any gauge, that will barely cycle low brass, this service should fix that problem. It also helps any Kalashnikov variant rifle operate more smoothly than before. Besides making your Saiga, AK, or Vepr operate smoother, and with much less friction, you will get a new smoother feeling trigger with a lighter pull, and a crisp clean break, without that gritty feeling you can get with off the shelf triggers. If you don't have a new trigger group to send in with your parts, we can supply one for your conversion for an extra fee. Just ask. If you prefer a shorter over travel (the wasted forward movement of the sear/ rearward movement of the trigger itself, after the hammer is released and before the trigger stops) then let us know and we can also do that upgrade for you.


If you have any questions please send a PM, and we will address it in a very timely fashion.



Now.... Just What Exactly Is Cobra's New  Reliability System? How is it any different than what we've offered before?

 We decided that since the absolute best performance can not be achieved unless we work on both the bolt group AND trigger group (especially matching the hammer to the bolt carrier with as little added friction as possible), we would start offering that as a complete system just like I do in my own weapons. Having a perfectly re-profiled and polished B&C, and then trying to force it to work with a regular off the shelf FCG, or even a re-profiled and polished FCG that has not been matched to the bolt carrier for least possible safe resistance, is not as good as what you get with a complete system working together. So that is what we are now offering.

 Between the mods to the FCG (Fire Control Group) and the B&C (Bolt & Carrier), and the mods to the Extractor, your weapon will become a MUCH more smoothly operating machine. I attempted to try and show this as much as possible in a set of videos I linked to. It should at least give you an idea of the difference between what we get from this service, vs. an unmodified Saiga or Vepr. The new guns are rough as a cob compared to what you will end up with from us. We will also be very happy to share a few things with our customers, they can do at home while waiting on their parts, that will multiply the effect. With these mass produced Russian shotguns, every last bit of friction you can remove from the system, DOES make a difference in how well it will cycle with any ammo. This is a fact that can not be disputed.




Smooth Action = No Friction

These vids are my first attempt to show the smooth ability of the bolt group to open and close while sliding it back & forth over the full powered factory sprung hammer. This is what will really help it cycle fast as possible without hangups. There is no gritty resistance with the rails and rail guides, ejector, or recoil spring....no resistance with the extractor as the bolt goes into and out of battery, and as little possible resistance with the hammer face while still retaining perfectly safe operation with the trigger / disconnect assy. The best way I could think of to show "feel" of the cycling bolt & carrier after our.                                  

This one merely shows how much smoother it is when cycling, whether operating the charger fast or slowly. Everyone knows you aren't supposed to ride an AK bolt forward. This is just to show as little resistance as possible in the internals.


Opening And Closing The Bolt - Before / After

 Here are a couple of videos showing both serviced, and unserviced bolts while opening and closing, as viewed up through the bottom of the mag well. The two things I'm trying to show here are:

1. The difference in shape, from the neck of the bolt forward where it comes into and stays in contact with the top shell in the mag as it rotates. (Please see descriptions.)


**This is probably the best video clip demonstrating the smoothness you can expect out of your Cobra's Custom modified bolt as it's moving in and out of battery.-

 **It is also easy to see here how the rounded, rather than angular surface of the bolt head, will easily slide on the surface of the shell mashed up against it. Without this mod those bumpy ridges on the unmodified bolt must try to knock the shell out of the way instead of just gliding across the surface. This adds a lot of excess friction every time it cycles. Try making a fist and then rake your knuckles down across the corner of a desk. Then make the same motion with the smooth side of your open hand. See the difference?**


 And 2. . The different, much more smooth transition, where the front edge of the shell contacts the bolt and has to traverse from the small portion where it first makes contact, up across the thicker part of the bolt head (causing the mag spring to have to give a little and allow the whole column of shells to push further down inside the mag ... = added friction). On the unmodded bolt, when that happens during the process of inserting a loaded mag, the leading egde of the shell runs right into a roadblock when it encounters the 'shoulder' there as the bolt head widens. [i will be adding a closeup picture, as well as a diagram illustrating this...] Without this excessive shoulder area to stop it, the shell can easily slide up the 'ramp' and into place, and not have to push so hard against it as the mass of the shell column has to move down and compress the mag spring.

Which brings us to:


Loading Mags On A Closed Bolt:

Normally without lots of practice, it is difficult for most people to insert a full magazine into the weapon without first locking the bolt back.

  As a great added bonus with the Saiga shotguns, our combination of bolt re-profiling and mirror polishing makes loading a full mag on a closed bolt almost effortless.... even with 3" magnum loads. 032.gif  I can load any 12 ga. stick mag or drum into my personal S-12s on a closed bolt. With the stick mags I can insert a mag with a full load of 3" magnum rds, and any drum with one less than the full load. (The drums were never designed to be loaded on a closed bolt so must be down loaded one round.)


*It's very easy to load all mags on the closed bolt after our service*.


These videos are to demonstrate how easy it is to load a full magazine on a closed bolt after having this service done. The videos were made using 10 different stick mags and three different 20 rd drums. All the stick mags are loaded with 3" magnum loads, to really show the advantage you get with our service, over the factory unmodified bolt. Three inch ammo is harder to load into the gun than 2 3/4". Videos show an unmodified S-12 vs. my own custom modified gun, to show the difference. The drums of course will only be loaded with 2 3/4" since that is all they are designed to hold. They are also only loaded to 19 rd capacity, since none were designed with enough extra room for a closed bolt load in any gun without squashing the top round.


10 S-12 Stick Mags and 3 Drums


Please excuse the poor filming job, not easy staying in full view by myself with a tripod. Gets the point across though I think.

Loading all mags and drums on a closed bolt  checkered_flag.gif   032.gif


Trying all 10 sticks and 3 drums in unmodified S-12-


Just the 5 rd mag-  



Big difference, especially if under stress or in a hurry.


I'll try to get a video showing the difference between one that has, and one that has not had our service, as the most important part is happening. That is when the bolt itself has to push over and past the top round in a loaded mag. That is where the biggest reduction in friction happens after we re-profile and polish the bolt. It removes all the rough transitions and crude angles that top shell has to encounter, as it's pressing against your bolt every time it moves forward and backward, into and out of battery, under the mag spring's pressure. Especially with drums, this can be a huge problem. That one thing alone can make a weapon either cycle OR NOT cycle a given load type, and even make a difference in how dirty the gun will still operate reliably. By replacing these rough obstructions with smooth even transitions, and radius-ed, polished surfaces, we remove all that power robbing friction keeping the weapon from functioning at it's best.


 --- Whew --- Have I now explained that to death? blink.png   I'm sorry, it has to be understood fully before you can fully appreciate this service.  


 Now the fun part. Here's what you can look forward to.... 027.gif

-Both inserting full mag easily on the closed bolt, and emptying it as fast as you can pull the trigger. I filmed these vids shooting Federal Multi Purpose Loads... 1200 FPS 3 dram #7.5 shot - (the bulk Wallyworld "value pack" ammo), while testing the new prototype STEEL 8 rd mag from our fellow forum vendor Csspecs. Big props to Csspecs! I highly recommend you get some of these when available soon! These are really nice magazines. Mine is slightly modified for my preference, but they are awesome right out of the box!-


Another mag dump- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fmp7D7MUVY                       




What does it Cost? Prices For Saiga, Vepr, and AK Rifles and Shotguns:

 Total cost (including shipping) is $210 for the Bolt, Carrier, and FCG - to have all the important contact surfaces re-profiled and polished (only where necessary... no unsafe changes that will shorten the lifetime of your weapon...), extractor is tuned and spring replaced (an optional service....with original spring returned), hammer profile custom matched with carrier, together as a unit, and tested in our shop guns for full and safe function. BHOs sent in will also be tuned and polished for smoother more reliable operation. This is a free bonus with the complete service. (Otherwise with just a bolt & carrier re-profile & polish, it's $10 to add a deeper spring notch, round and polish the tab sticking through receiver, and polish the friction prone areas)

I guess I should come up with a "name" for the basic service, but would really rather promote the full service because the customer benefits much more for it...


Details on "POLISHING":

 First... What do we mean by "polishing"?  We normally do not fully polish the entire bolt carrier. I want to be very clear about this right upfront so there is no confusion. We can upon request but this is more of a cosmetic thing. Polishing the bolt carrier only makes factory milling imperfections stand out more. Removing every last imperfection in the bolt carrier takes a lot of extra time and effort we would rather save, in order to offer faster service to the majority who only want their gun to run smooth and flawless. The mods we do are strictly for better reliability and performance. The only surfaces that will be polished are the actual surfaces that require it to give you the ultimate in smooth feeling and full reliability. By "contact surfaces" what we mean is where your parts rub up against and make contact with each other, and interact with each other. These areas will be smoothed and polished for much less friction.

 All that said, we may be able to do some additional polishing or "accents" by special request, but we must of course charge more for this. I'm currently working on some subtle accents in polishing to my Vepr 12, and will get some pics and additional prices up soon when it's finished, just in case some folks want something like that. I think it looks sharp, but is very subtle at the same time.


Basic Service:

 We do still offer to re-profile and polish just the bolt and carrier, on any AK, Saiga, or Vepr. This service alone is still the same $150 (+ $10 shipping) as it was when we first offered this service to the Saiga 12 community about 8 years ago. The tools and techniques we use today however, make our original work done years ago, look nowhere near as high quality. Of course with that said, this was never ever intended to be anything but a reliability upgrade. The purpose has always been function, not cosmetic beauty. The polished finishes we are doing now though are much better (see pics here and on Facebook).


I've attempted to write this ad now at least 6 times over the past few months, and it has always gotten too lengthy by the time all important points were addressed. We are sorry but it's just got to be that way so we don't end up having to answer all the same questions from everyone, every time. That is the kind of thing that really slows production.


***** Our new improved service is going to be fully concentrated on the fastest possible turn around time for our customers. By cutting out the things that have slowed things to a snails pace (like excessive time spent emailing..) in the past, we can finally keep it down to a very reasonable TWO to FOUR WEEK AVERAGE TURN AROUND. Orders requiring additional service such as welded left hand chargers or HD op rods / gas piston installs, (Also to be addressed in separate threads...) may take a bit longer of course. Just as any custom shop though sometimes we have a longer backlog or waiting list than other times. The work itself getting done and shipped back can be as fast as two weeks (or less) OR it may take a few months at worst. There is just no way to guess and give you an estimated return ship when we have a backlog so please don't ask. Please just give us time to get done and wait to hear from us. Time spent answering requests for "updates could and should be better spent actually getting work done.


We will stop taking orders before we will fall back into extremely long customer wait times.  ( By extreme I mean 6 months or more) We recognize the fact that your shotgun or rifle is completely useless while we have the critical parts it needs to function, so it will be our absolute top priority to return the parts as soon as possible. All parts will be processed immediately upon receipt here, customers informed they arrived safely, then will be worked on in a timely fashion as our time allows. There is no need to ask any more questions after parts have shipped. Tracking info is emailed the day of return shipping, so unless there is some change order during the short wait time, we have no need to waste valuable shop time on the phone or computer.  If for any reason that does happen, we will be sending timely updates, so please do everyone a favor and wait patiently to be contacted by us first.


-We also have a customer feedback thread- which is pinned in this section, and intended to give all our new customers one place to voice their comments / feedback about the service they receive, and let us know how it effected the reliability of their weapons. We ask you to please use this thread and give your honest opinions / impressions, on both the service you received, and how happy you are with the product. This is very important to us and will help others. We believe this will give potential new customers something to go by in making a decision whether to send their parts in for service.


Thank you and we both look forward to your PMs and new orders.You can contact Michele AKA Ms.Hell http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/user/50264-mshell/ ,  Sandi AKA Racegal20 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/user/5613-racegal20/ or myself, via PM or email, and expect to hear right back from us and get great service "lightning fast" tongue.png  to discuss the details of your particular order. Usually at least the same day or night, or the next following business day for holidays or weekends.







                  When the zombies come....  horror.gif  022.gif  No Worries.... zombies are slow but our service is fast as lightning, and will make your Kalashnikov rifle or shotgun cycle with lightning speed.







-Now are YOU ready to finally get that sluggish Saiga or other AK variant cycling as smooth and reliably as it possibly can? Would you like to finally see what it is really capable of?


                   Lightning Strikes.... NOW!     





           027.gif  As always, thank you for your interest in Cobra's Custom!  032.gif

                             We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Still busy fixing typos and other errors made while staying up all night trying to finish this ad. Also want to clarify that in no way am I attempting to say anything bad about any of the vendors or their products here. Lord knows there has been far too much of that go on elsewhere and I want to be sure it is not perceived that way in my ads I will continue to be putting up here. This is a very lengthy writeup and is purposely far more than just an ad. The main goal here was to finally in just one post explain to the people who care enough to listen, what this service does and why all Saiga 12's especially can benefit from it. People will buy whatever they want for their guns from whoever they want. My intent here was to show people what I know works. There are more ways than one to skin a cat.

This service is MY way. And it never fails to work following this simple process of ellimination as far as overcoming friction goes. As I did say before, if this service does not make a borderline weapon (one which has possible gas problems and definitely has excess friction problems) function, there are other things that can still be done besides drilling out larger or more gas ports..

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Lord knows there has been far too much of that go on elsewhere and I want to be sure it is not perceived that way in my ads I will continue to be putting up here. This is a very lengthy writeup and is purposely far more than just an ad. The main goal here was to finally in just one post explain to the people who care enough to listen, what this service does and why all Saiga 12's especially can benefit from it.


My intent here was to show people what I know works. There are more ways than one to skin a cat.


Amen, brother! As a novice to AK platform, I was more than a little pinned by the vitriol that I perceived in some of the first posts I ran across when searching for resources to aid in taming this new V-12 beast which has completely captured my interest. It is with a great sense of appreciation and relief that I hear the way that you are managing your playing field. I for one will listen to anything about using and advancing the platform that you would be kind enough to share.


Is this the thread that you referred to for further discussion on the services you offer, or is there a better place?


~ Doc


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Yes thanks y'all and Doc I'll be adding more as time allows. Just been extremely tied up the past few days since starting this thread. Thank you for your interest and let me know if you get any new questions.



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I may be  a brand new member here on these boards , but I already have my Bolt/carrier back from Cobra-Custom !


As soon as I get out to the farm and find my Saiga 20 ga runs flawlessly - I will sing their praises here big_smile.gif


......May I ask - the above ad states Cobra is sending out free set of port measuring, cleaning, & maintenance tools.


I got the bottle of oil -but no tools ; perhaps that freebie only comes with the "full" service ? I just had the basic polishing done .

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Oh man you were supposed to also get a basic set of port gauges / cleaning tools with the oil. 002.gif  The full service includes the complete kit. Sorry about that and thank you for bringing to our attention. It will go out in tomorrow's mail! Thanks for your business and can't wait to hear how she runs now! 



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Cobra -


I put your tool set to good use and got all 3 holes open and clean ........   can't thank you enough .

  Was a huge relief to find out I probably won't need to enlarge/re-drill  them !



It was the .069" wire that fit in those holes just perfect !   Sure made it easy having the right tools big_smile.gif

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Cool deal buddy I'm so glad the kits are gonna be as useful as I hoped for people. I use em all the time. Just commented on that in your other thread about the linseed oil in fact. Enjoy the pics I posted of my Ak wood finishes too, I can see you enjoy that stuff as much as I do. Happy Christmas! 034.gif

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I may be  a brand new member here on these boards , but I already have my Bolt/carrier back from Cobra-Custom !


As soon as I get out to the farm and find my Saiga 20 ga runs flawlessly - I will sing their praises here :big_smile:


......May I ask - the above ad states Cobra is sending out free set of port measuring, cleaning, & maintenance tools.


I got the bottle of oil -but no tools ; perhaps that freebie only comes with the "full" service ? I just had the basic polishing done .

He is quick! I have done business with cobra many times and he ships quick. He did a trigger for me a few years ago, you should feel it, very nice. When I was just getting into these shotguns I had a lot of questions, cobra took the time to help me out many times. They say 'service with a smile', Cobra is a friend.

Put me down for one of those stand alone tool kits with the oil, very cool.

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Yep #837 (on the bolt in the picture above about the Left Hand Charging Handle) is all mine.  Even had the OTL (over travel limiter) installed.


The work is second to none and the turnaround was very quick.


I would not hesitate to recommend any of these services to anyone and can definitely see myself doing business with Cobra again.



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  • 10 months later...

I have edited the Services Ad to include some new info as well as try and remind folks that like any custom shop it is possible to get a little behind sometimes, so the projected two to four week wait time can be a bit longer when we are experiencing a backlog. 


 The holidays did put us a little behind. We have families like everyone else and took time off to spend with them. A lot of orders also come in over the holidays. Currently we do have at least a dozen orders in the process of being worked on. Orders are of course finished and shipped back in the exact same order received. If you have parts in here now for service please don't email or post asking for updates. That only slows things down more when we have to spend time answering emails and like I have just added to the OP, there is simply no way to give anyone an accurate "guess" as to when to expect shipping unless their parts have already been finished and packaged for shipping. In that case you will receive an email from us with a tracking number, as well as notice from the post office if you have supplied us an email address as requested. There is no reason to ask how the parts are doing they are all being worked on and everything is fine.


 We do understand that because of  the "business" practices of a former competitor, many potential customers have become very apprehensive about sending their parts off for service anywhere. You have NO need to worry with us, we have been here performing this same service for almost ten years now and not ONE of our customers has ever lost their parts, not to us, not to the US Postal Service... none. We have nothing but a long list of very happy customers and have plenty of great feedback all over the web. Please order with full confidence and trust that you are getting the absolute best service your money can buy. We were the very first to offer this particular service and still number one after all these years. 


 Among several other personal setbacks we have had some changes here as well over the past few months while bringing a new business partner on board and having to train for everything involved. We apologize for any extra wait times but rest assured we are making a big effort now in the shop and shipping department to get all caught back up. Everyone's parts are safe and are being worked on. You will receive tracking info as soon as yours are completed.


 For anyone waiting to place an order, you should know our goal is to get all caught up in the next month here so if you want to be first in line for the next group of orders on the bench we suggest getting in touch now to get ahead of the game.


 Thanks everyone for your patience.



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Worth absolutely every penny. Both my S-12s cycle smooth as butter with virtually all ammo, will seat a full mag on a closed bolt, and have a nice clean 4lb break after the trigger job. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Thanks Cobra!


That alone was worth the price of admission, but one thing I always find that separates an OK business from a great one is how they handle any problems that come up...and there were a few with my order. These things happen with any business, but what's important is that Cobra was not only spot on with replies to my inquiries, but also proactive and decisive in resolving the issues. The bottom line was that he recognized a problem and made everything right on my end. In my book, that's the mark of a business that values their customers before and after the sale, and ultimately, their reputation in the industry. Wouldn't it be nice if every company did business that way...at least Cobra's Customs is one of those that does 032.gif


Pictured below is my Saiga family members: (top to bottom) the AK-103 Clone, the Tromix S-17 SBS, and the Izhmash/Molot hybrid conversion. And yes, even the Tromix benefited from Cobra's service.


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Guys we stay incredibly busy. Getting on the computer to email people "updates" is about the very last thing I have time to do. It is a huge waste of time and energy trying to stay in email contact with every customer who is wondering how their parts are looking at any given time so please forgive us if inquiries about that go unanswered after the first few times...  I did change the wording in my ad back in February from where it used to say expect a month to 6 weeks wait time if not done in two - three weeks.

 Wait times get longer when you start out the end of a long line. I have responded to everyone's emails and been very specific about that.

 Also keep in mind this is highly custom and specialized work. It's not something you do in a rush. I'm a one man show and with all life's other things happening I do not get to spend every day in the shop. Wish I could clone myself. Sorry to make you guys wait. Trust me it will be well worth it.

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