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As much as I hate to I'm selling my current S12 to fund another project for Mike. Will ship to your FFL, know your local laws, will not ship to banned states. Or if you prefer a FTF in the South Florida area.


Mike Rogers built this himself and it's been nothing but a dream. Looking for $2,000 OBO.

Cycles everything I've thrown at it. From the cheap walmart stuff tot he high brass 3" slugs. This thing is a scalded ape.


Complete Conversion by LSA

  • Cut tang, mill rear of receiver, drill and tap receiver and receiver block for heavy duty mounting screws, install custom folding stock assembly.
  • Billet internal receiver block
  • Hogue AK Pistol Grip
  • Chaos Titan Quad Rail
  • Chaos HK Sights
  • Enidine "Shot Shock" Buffer Tube
  • Ace Folding Mech
  • LaRue R.A.T Stock
  • Tromix Shark Brake welded, barrel just over 18"


Including in the Package:

  • Original 5rd Factory Magazine
  • Four AGP 8rd Magazines
  • One MD-20
  • LaRue F.U.G

I truly love this weapon and I hate to get rid of it but the promises of another bigger and better build force me to do so. Well, rather, if I brought home another S12 and my wife caught me, she'd use one of them on me. I've put between 150-250 rounds into it and it hasn't even hiccupped. And the buffer tube makes it an absolute dream to shoot. If you'd like more pictures send a message and I'd be happy to oblige. Only mark I've noticed is from the safety lever and a slight scuff on the rail from the foregrip being moved around. Treated with Frog Lube.






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I have a few questions. What model is it? Have the ports been modified? How many ports? Have the bolt, rail, and other internals been polished? I'm not crazy about the folding stock, can it be replaced with a collapsible stock or is it welded? Exactly what types and size shells have you fired through it? Are you using an auto plug, twister puck, or any other variety? 


I would like to see some more pics, please. Thanks.

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Not a problem. It's a IZ-109. Yes, the ports have been modified. All four of 'em. All by Michael Rogers. The bolt and rails have been polished (see photos below). Currently it is a folding on a collapsible stock, and can be changed. Originally it had been just a folding steel Tromix stock and has been changed since purchase with the enidine. I've fired mainly 2 3/4 buckshot/slugs, 3" buckshot, and wally world bulk pack just to see if I could. And as far as my plug and/or puck they are both original. I apologize for the cellphone pictures. I'll get some better ones up as soon as I can, but I hope this helps.






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