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This one is for reloaders of .45 ACP rounds.


I have two boxes of 100 each 185 grain copper jacketed Hornady pistol bullets. They are marked .451 Target.


I bought these for reloading many years ago but never got around to it.


They can be yours for the asking by simply being the first to reply indicating you are a reloader and would like them for your own use.  I would like to avoid the recipient selling them or loading them up and selling them.  I'd prefer they go for your personal use.


Be the first to claim them (by replying here) and then PM me with your name and address.






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Time to ressurect an old thread that will hopefully help everyone see the ties that bind instead of society's constant focus on what separates us.


After cleaning out the barn on a recent property acquisition, I have 68 once fired 30.06 casings (cleaned) and 55 .38 special casings (uncleaned). I do not own either caliber and do not want to see them go to waste.


The first person that wants them and will reload them (I.e use them for personal use) will get them free. I will even pay shipping. Just reply I'll take it, PM me your shipping info, and pay it forward to someone else.





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I would take the 38s. I would have taken the 30/06. I should look through to see what brass I have that you lot might need.

If you need something weird, let me know and if I have enough to be worth the bother, I'll ship you some. -- brass, I mean.

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Thanks to Spacehog for the brass.


I'll do similar.


I still have one ready made finger tab to rivet onto someone's safety, pm me, mail your safety to me, and I will add it and mail it back.


Also I can make a few starter kits for new slug reloaders. Shell, wad, and slug. A couple flavors of each and some trustworthy data. Enough of each to figure out which style you want to reload. 

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