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I will drive few hours which means you also can live in pa , va, wv, just let me know if anyone is in my vicinity that could help with tooling on my ak flats before oct 1. I will bring beer or whatever pm me thax


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Sorry you're in a pinch, wish I could help.


I don't know much about bending flats but, from what I read, I'd be willing to experiment and build a jig (or a couple pieces to fold the metal around). Fold it long and then file off what you don't need. It's only sheet metal.


I purchased a pre-bent receiver and only had to "stress-out" on each of the 25+ holes that I drilled "free-hand", including the selector. I spent about an hour on each rivet hole.


Good luck.


Why the deadline?

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Unless they addressed building specifically, I wouldn't worry about it.


There is no "time-stamp" on your "build" according to federal law (ie a registered S/N is not required). If your state law does not address registration of existing firearms or the manufacture of a firearm for personal use, you should be fine.


Knowing what your new laws address, specifically, could really put your mind at ease.


Do I make any sense?


I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advise. :)

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Our new laws go in effect and no one really knows the rules on building a parts kit from a flat. So I wanted to get it bent at least but who the hell knows what the bs laws will mean

Ive been thinking about doing the same thing, not for anything immediate, just in case.  


Im curious, do your flats just need bent or do they need drilled too?  I dont have the tools to help you, im just wondering.

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OKAY I live in FL but this is what I do.

Northern Tools sells a real neat cheap 18" hand break. What you do is bolt a flat stock metal the same size as the inside of the receiver to replace the top finger clamp . It takes about an hour to put it all together and adjust it.

There was a company that sold the same break all set up for about $250 but you can buy one and do it for yourself for about $40http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_34995_34995


I will try to find the link for the break once you see it it will become clear. I would show you mine but it is buried some were in the garage.


Okay I found it made mine just like his

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an 81% receiver is a receiver according to the feds - if they can use that against you, you can use it to your benefit. Make one bend, engrave the appropriate info, and you have a receiver. Finish the job at your convenience.

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