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WTS - AK Conversion & Russian Izhmash OEM Parts

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Listed below I have the parts I have left over from my AK-103 conversion.


Everything listed is new & unused (including the parts removed from my IZ-132), and prices listed are either what I paid or current market, whichever is lower.


Shipping is a flat rate of $5.00 per order, for one item or all of them. I'm not looking to make a killing here, just to recoup what I can from what I have invested in the current project.


Items are only listed on the S-12 forums and are available on a first-reply/first-paid basis. IOW, if you want one of the listed items, please reply with "I will take xxx" in the forums and PM me for payment info. Your forum reply committing to buy will hold the item for 24 hours, plus an additional four (4) business days to allow for payment processing after your PM...provided it was received within the 24-hour period. Payment is accepted via PayPal or money order, but be smart on PayPay with your descriptions (e.g. discrete) as they are not the most friendly folks towards the stuff we deal with here. If your payment does not clear in the four (4) business day timeframe or if I have not heard from you via PM in the 24-hour period after your forum post to buy, that item will be made available for the next person in line requesting it.


All items will ship via USPS shipping, with tracking and delivery confirmation. If you provide me with an e-mail in your PM, I will set you up to receive shipping updates.


Questions on any items are welcome and I will do my best to answer them.


Tapco G2 Single Hook AK FCG (US Made) $25.00



AK Pistol Grip, Matte Black for Stamped Recievers (K-Var Part #AK-212B, US Made, two available) $15.49 each



AK-74 1000M Rear Sight Leaf (Blued finish) $11.99 - Sold

Dinzag AK-74 Muzzle Brake w/ M24x1.5 RH Threads (US Made, Part #74MB24MM) $45.00 - Sold

Dinzag 7.62x39 Bullet Guide kit for Flat Trunion (incl drill bit, tap, & allen wrench) $20.00




Bulgarian Complete Rivet Set for stamped receiver with solid buttstock (K-Var Part #RV-1B) $9.29



Bulgarian AK-47 Trigger Guard (K-Var Part #AK-017) $12.49




Bulgarian Front Sight Block w/ M24x1.5mm RH Threads and Bayonet Lug (K-Var Part #AK-167B) $87.89



Bulgarian Gas Block w/ Bayonet/Accessory Lug (K-Var Part #AK-334) $61.79



Bulgarian Gas Tube w/ Vent Holes (K-Var Part #AK-080BH) $51.42




Izhmash Sporter Rear Sight Leaf (Removed from IZ-132, 7.62x39) $10.00



Izhmash Selector (Removed from IZ-132, 7.62x39) $10.00 - Sold

Izhmash Sporter Gas Tube (removed from IZ-132, 7.62x39) $10.00


Izhmash Handguard (removed from IZ-132, 7.62x39) $10.00 - Sold


Izhmash Buttstock (removed from IZ-132, 7.62x39) $10.00





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