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s12 rails too high causing bolt to ride high and almost jamming the gu

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was at fun shop this morning. had a 1k saiga with 2 10s and a 20 drum. i offered 800. was on consignment... anyways, i think the rails were installed incorrectly. the full travel when cycled manually was stiff, call it 1/2" from bolt rotating out of trunion. and when i left it in that area and moved it gingerly back and forth, it seemed to almost bind up. ie, wont cycle dick. anyone experienced that and what ya do to remedy it? just grind rails down or is my diagnosis in left feild?

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Is the rough spot in both directions?  Or, just in the forward direction?


Both, probably the carrier rubbing on the ejector, or the plate if installed.  Look for a shiny spot on the ejector and carrier.   


Forward, might have the left locking lug lifting off the rail and impacting squarely on the trunion.  That would stop things hard 1/2" away from the locking channel.  Mine could lift off the rail 3/32" due to upward force from the magazine/shells.


Pop the cover, pull the spring, insert empty mag, and watch what it does.

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could be the hammer is incorrectly profiled too.. I would pull all of the trigger group out and then cycle it manually without the spring in as well. if it binds then its definitely rubbing one of the  above. Always establish a base line and work from there. If its not binding start with the return spring, cycle it, try the trigger group without the retainer, cycle it, put in the retainer, cycle it, put the cover on, cycle it

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