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Magpul AK grip review

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Just arrived in the mail so this will not have measurements and technical stuff, but I will give you my impressions.


As with all Magpul items it feels and looks well made.  It is an ambi grip with recesses at the top on both sides for thumb placement and is very comfortable in my hand (med to large size). If you have very large hands (like XXL or bigger) it may not be as comfortable to you. Has very aggressive "bumps" on both sides and serrations on the rear for positive grip. With or without gloves it feels like it would add quite a bit of grip. It is hollow to allow for use of all Magpul grip cores so battery storage or whatever you decide to stick in there will fit. Comes with the standard cap that all MOE grips come with if you choose to leave it empty. 


By eye measurement, the sweep of the grip is a little more to the rear that the factory Molot grip, which when installed feels really good to the hand. It is more narrow, especially at the top where the thumb goes, than the stock grip also. It does not have any finger grooves like the stock grip does. When held in the hand it feels quite a bit lighter than the stock grip.


Installation was simple and straight forward and worked as a drop in replacement with no modification required with my VEPR 12. I was able to use the factory grip mounting block and the supplied screw from Magpul to install with relative ease. It did not come with a new mounting block, so if yours is damaged during removal of your factory grip, you will have to order one. Unlike the factory grip that has only two small sections on the inside to grip to the mounting block, the Magpul has them for the entire length which I would assume allows for a more universal attachment. 


Overall I am quite pleased with it. It was comparably priced to other US made products on the market and carries the quality Magpul is known for. No complaints at this time. i will update this If I ever get to go shooting again. 

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I have one on mine and like it.  To me it doesn't scream AR and looks fine to me.  I switched from an MFT Engage to the Magpul AK grip.  The main thing I like about it is how it curves back before it connects to the receiver.  So your hand doesn't make as much contact with the flat receiver, and instead on the curve of the grip.  More ergonomic and what not... = ]

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Does this have a rubbery exterior?  Or more hard plastic exterior?


I had a Magpul MOE grip before on an AR and wasn't the biggest fan. It's hard plastic feel wasn't my favorite for an aftermarket grip. The stock molot grip is hard plastic and it's a decent grip, but if I am going to go aftermarket I wan't something that adds something. 


I recently got a MOE + Grip for a new AR build and it's very rubbery, which I like. 

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It is hard plastic, not rubberized like the moe+ (i wish it were also), but the biggest advantage over the molot grip is the aggressive texturing. I can not imagine an environmental situation that would compromise your grip on the magpul, unlike the slick sided molot grip. This would be very beneficial for those who hunt in harsh climates involving any combination of rain, sleet, and snow. Even with thinner gloves on you can feel the texturing on the side.


Also, as stated above by Muffman, the ergonomics are very nice for the grip. Being able to stuff a boresnake in it for a quick field cleaning, or any standard grip core for batteries and such, is a boost also. I could see new AK specific cores coming in the future. Even a small multitool with a small plier head and a cleaning tool for the gas tube would be great inside the grip.

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