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.223 Replacment Bolts

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One of the big things I always think about having replacement parts just in case something goes wrong and breaks. I found these Bulgarian Bolt Heads in 5.56x45 on AK builder, and was wondering if it would fit in a Vepr 223? I know each bolt needs to be head spaced to the gun, but what does that process involve?



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Nope. Only Russian bolts fit. They are machined differently. A Saiga bolt for 5.45 will work and can be found.

I read a comment to be careful about slam fires because the 5.45 are not spring loaded. Is that accurate and is there a source for Saiga .223 bolts?

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Soft primers could be an issue in cheap 223, but most new 5.56 ammo should be ok. Russian ammo will be good for sure. I have checked primers from unfired rounds in my 223 Saigas and VEPRs and the have little firing pin marks on the primer even with springs.


No matter which bolt you use you gotta get the head space checked.


There is no source Saiga or VEPR in 223 bolts at this time. They used to be available through K-VAR but those dried up some time ago. I've been looking for a couple of years now.


If someone produced US made 223 bolts for the Russian rifles they would sell like hot cakes.

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