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Best way to put an AK style handguard on my Saiga 5.45?

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Hi guys, I finally bought my first Saiga in 5.45 and I want to convert the handguard to an AK style one. Now I understand the gas tube can be replaced with one from an AK with a little bit of fitting involved, but what's the best way to put a lower handguard on a Saiga? I have a US made K-var polymer handguard I want to use. Is the Dinzag Arms handguard retainer worth the $60 or is there a better alternative? 



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Dinzag is awesome but there is currently one for $40 at CSS. Either one will do great for you. 


You will also need an upper gastube shown in the picture on CSS's site. The retainer is bolt on so as long as you can manage that you should be fine. 

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I installed the same handguard and retainer on my Saiga but there is play in the handguard (up and down). When its fitted tight to the retainer its good but as soon as I grip it it shifts up towards the barrel. Not sure what to do. I see that CSS sells handguard flat springs for this problem(?) has anyone made something at home that would work. Some sort of shim? Sorry for the thread high jack but this might help you too. Maybe.

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I have a similar hand guard and at first, it had some slight up/down play when installed with the CSS lower hand guard retainer.


I currently use a lower hand guard retention spring (like they sell at CSS and other places) and it keeps it tight... but if you don't want to pay a few dollars + shipping for just that, a small shim of aluminum foil folded over itself a handful of times (until it's maybe 1/16" or slightly thicker) and wedged between the hand guard's heat shield and the barrel works just fine. Not a huge piece of foil... the surface dimensions of mine were about 1" long and .5" wide.


Just Loctite the CSS bracket, use the set screw, and it won't move. Mine has seen 500+ rounds and plenty of slinging over the shoulder, behind the back, etc. with no movement.


...then just order the retention spring next time you get a batch of parts from somewhere or see one in a parts bin at a gun show.

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