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a tad off topic( info on 12ga. blanks)

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hi fellows, reason i bring this up in here is, where better to find info on 12ga ammo users than in here.


anyway, where can i buy the loudest 12ga. shells around.


if you want to answer you can message me as so not to make a big to-do of this thread.


thanks guys!

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thats a negative on the primer. i tried. want a boom like an m-80 to scare the living crap


out of the intruder so i don`t have to use other means to keep my house safe.

55gr 2F black powder, topped with paper wadding.


Remember, that wadding can start a fire.....and KILL.

was looking for a recipe that uses 3 to 4F black powder. not worrying about the intruders health

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If you're going booby trap, why not load your own with a regular primer and some home made flash powder. About 20 cents a round. Wrap electricians tape over the charge several times and it gets even louder. It may blow your cheap device but what the hell. It disoriented and blinded everybody in a 50 yard circle. :)

thanks guys, i already have the equipment. all i need is the paper wadding.

cardboard, press, wax, cardboard, press, wax.... tape up. BOOM!


good old pot perc, sulfur and german blackhead

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way ahead of ya! i used to make something like it back when i was a kid. 12ga shell with primer knocked out.

cva cannon fuse in the hole. fill w/ 3f and wadding. use press to seal it like a real shell.


here`s the best part...  would take 8lb test line, soak in elmers glue and wrap lots of times around shell.

let it dry for a couple of days. bigger boom than an m-80!!!

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