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Where can I buy a Saiga .308?

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I'm was hoping to get a Saiga .308 from CDDN but they don't have any and don't know when they will. I'm willing to wait a while for their good prices, but want to have a backup plan. Know of any other reputable dealers with good prices?


Thanks alot.





BTW I am new to this forum. I own an SKS, a 30-30 and a couple of hand guns.

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Hello if you are looking for a 308 saige there is one on gun broker.com for 275.00 buy now price with side mount scope mount and bushnell scope it has the wood stock.If you notice I am the high bidder now but i already own a 308 saiga and 7.62x39 and 223 and 410 and 20ga.as you can tell i like the saigas great guns never had a problem.Good luck Jeff

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all the rifles are sold out all over the place. went to gun show month ago and only a handfull of saiga's were availible. I left paying $50 more than I would of had to a 2 months ago. 4 dealers gave me same story 1 dealer had 2 the rest had 1 saiga for sale. 2 months ago they had a ton of them and they sold like hotcakes. heck I was lucky to get my 223rem saiga at that one a minute later and it would of been gone. guy went with 308 instead only cause i grabbed the 223rem with cash in hand.


check out gun show and call around. if you find a hidden cache let someone know at your descretion. unless you live outside the US

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i emailed a guy a local shop and he said they had no Saigas right now, but expected some soon and that they would be $189-215

edit: i didnt specifically ask about .308s


just thought i'd add that, looking to get one in a week or 2..

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Call European American Armory and get a list of their distributors. They may even be able to tell you who got the latest shipment and when more are being imported. Have your dealer call around until he finds a distributor with one in stock.

Allan Schisel

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If you want to know when the 308 will be available here's what you do. Call sharon Bell at EAA and ask her when the Saiga 308's will be coming. When I wanted one I called her and I kept in touch with her for about 6 months until the last batch came in. She will tell you what she has on order and when the boat is due in. Just keep in contact with her and you will know the latest. Hell, when she told me they had arrived I called CDNN and told them what I knew cuz they hadn't even heard about it yet. Here's the contact info:


European American Armory Corp.

P.O. Box 1299

Sharpes, Fl 32959

(321) 639-4842

(800) 536-4442


Sharon Bell 226

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