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fix for loosening forend nut/gas ring

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Hi Bofor, it's blue loctite 242 and I only use it on the gas regulator nut, it undoes ok but I use a bit of degreaser before I apply a few drops. Still looking for a good solution for the forend nut though. The guy at the range has one grub screw in the gas regulator nut only.


One thing I have tried on the forend nut is a rubber washer, the sort that goes in a kitchen tap, it seems to hold it ok.

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+1 on the o-ring. But if that isn't good enough, a more expensive option is the T&N guide rod. It comes with a new fore end nut that has a common thread size.

 Does this new guide rod also solve the gas ring locking nut loosening as well ?

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Mine also has the gas ring locking nut working loose but its usually after 200 rds or so.  When reassembling the gun, I clamp down and put a little extra torque.


The forend nut starts to come loose in under 25 rds.   Extra torque just doesn't seem to help.


I'm looking for an appropriate sized O-ring to try.



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The nut/set screw configuration of the FB handguard is working so far, hasn't loosened yet. If loosening does become an issue I'll drill out the set screw threads of the nut and drill & tap the rod.


At each outing, less than ten rounds through and the regulator lock ring loosens every time. Part of the problem seems to be the low thread height percentage and pretty loose tolerance, so I solved that with an extra long 10-32 dogpoint set screw.


First milled a couple small flats to accurately tighten the ring with a small wrench. Held the gun on my mill and drilled a full diameter hole (#30 drill) x 5/16" deep through the ring and into rod. Drill and tap the ring in place then remove the ring and finish tapping by hand. Also milled a small notch to match the assembly. The dogpoint is .127 dia. and the hole is .1285 dia., so the ring has to be tightened accurately. That's the set screw in the first pic.



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Other than the factory fore end nut, I never had any issues with the stock configuration working loose. I haven't heard any complaints about the new guide rod on here, but that doesn't mean much.



The XN model has a left hand thread and the biggest issue is the reverse of the old model, getting it off.  I had to take an old towel and a pair of pliers when i got mine to get the lock nut off.  I still like my MKA though.  smile.png

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I had a problem with my gas regulator jamb nut and the hand guard nut coming loose. I used an o ring to fix both I just placed a tight o ring on the end of the guide rod right behind the jamb nut so it can't back off and and o ring between the hand guard and nut so it keeps that tight.... Problem solved 

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I guess I`ll have to try a lot of these easy fixes to start with but try and work towards getting a more permanent fix like Cad-man`s



If your like me and in the UK, try Steve at Shield shooting center or Andy H at Master Class Custom Guns, both of those guys can do that work for you.



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It's not that bad to get a firearms certificate (FAC). I had to join a club and be a probationary member for 6 months, pass the NRA safety course, have a police visit, give access to medical records and have 2 referees that have known me for greater than 2 years. Easy peasy really :-)

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Hose washer. Damn used one of those to fix the tachometer amp on my 1982 Mercedes 300td.

Will give it a try on the MKA.

Who ever invented the hose washer gets mad respect from me.

He or she could not have known the contribution to society that invention made.

Hope there is a statue in some park in honor.

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