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BR99 Shotgun AR15 NATMIL

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I was not sure where to list this so I'll just dump it in general discussion. I have purchased rifles from Atlantic before and have always been treated well. While cursing around tonight I saw this rig. Its made in Turkey and has some features that are convenient. Like interchangeable chokes and auto gas system. For 600 bones I think I might have to look into this.
Does anyone on here know any more about these?

Here is a pic from AF site.....


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If it looks like an m16, is made in turkey, and shoots shotgun shells, its a 1919.  


This one seems to have an upgraded stock and some extra rails, but the guts are going to be the same.


Focus on 'mka1919' when searching for information about it, since thats what it is.  The new name means nothing except a different stock.

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There are a couple of threads about this gun in the MKA1919 section of the forum including reviews from members that have already purchased it.

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We sell both shotguns ,,The BR 99 is similar to the MKA 1919 but has a few improvements both have been great guns to offer our customers .


The UZK-BR99 12 Ga Semi auto shotgun Imported for Natmil . These shotguns are designed to be a multi purpose shotgun and fill the needs of  our Tactical / Home Defense , Hunting and Sporting customers. Centered around the very popular AR15 platform you will feel very comfortable with feel & layout of the system . Magazine fed allows for the quick change of ammo and is great for a wide variety of roles .Unlike similar shotguns these have been built to work with a wider variety of high & lower power shells . The shotgun is chambered for 3” MAG has a 20” barrel with tube choke and a manual safety. Designed for tactical use with its AR platform, 4140 steel barrel this shotgun is made with performance and durability in mind. The shotguns are backed up by a one year warranty with a certified US service center

Additional features compared to similar/Competitor products:

1 . 
The receiver/frame is  thicker  than similar Shotguns on the market.

2 .  The trigger parts are machined from solid stock , not investment cast
3.  Our magazines are designed to work with both 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells
4.  Gas system is self-adjusted to any shell Both Low and HI Brass. Spring and buffer system can handle high powered shells with no problem
5.  BR-99 has ergonomic grips and cheek rest very comfortable feel .
6.  Rails built into the handguard for easy mounting of optics/sights. No need to buy expensive aftermarket rails.
7.  The BR 99 will work with the MKA 1919 Ten Round magazines .


Other Features

  • Semi-auto with 5+1 round capacity
  • Synthetic stock
  • 20” Barrel
  • Tube choke
  • 4140 steel barrel
  • Extra magazine
  • AR Iron sights removable front & rear for ease of mounting Optics



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Man I love/hate Atlantic Firearms!


Love them for being understanding to my states laws and still happy to deal with us! They don't shun my state! Oh and they are very helpful if any problems arise!


Hate them for having cool stuff and killing my pocketbook!

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