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What’s Inside Ammo? A Cross-Section of Bullets

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Skip the text, its a waste of time (ie dumbed down).


"He first had to disarm the rounds so they don't explode," said Pearlman. "It's a very intricate technique that no one should try at home."


Its less dumbed down and more meant for the 'know nothing', guns are evil crowd, and seemingly written by a anti gun journalist.  If it was meant for gun people, their would have been some actual information about each bullet taken apart.  Instead, we get conjecture about 'little arrows that can penetrate body armor' which im sure is bullshit.


I cant stand when people talk about guns like they are mystical killing machines. 

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My grandpa had every magazine they ever sold up until the mid 90's when he said he had enough of their blatant communism.


The National Geographic has been infiltrated with liberals, communists and fools. The television aspect of Nat Geo had cheapened it further.


I guess you can only explore the world so much before you become corrupted.

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