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SuperVepr 223

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Im thinking I want to get one.   does anybody have one?    and how do you like it?   pros and cons verses a 223 ak of other tipes.    Im trying to gather up experienced opinions about this rifle.    I would mostly just use it for fun.   

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From what I know of the super make sure if you buy one make sure it come with the scope mount. Not all of them do, and finding a mount is difficult these days since imports have slowed so much. The ones you can find are pricey. I don't know of any after market stocks for the super.


Accuracy reports for the super are the same as regular platfrom 223 Vepr rifles. I tried to make a deal for one a while back but then I found out getting the scope mount was gonna be a pain so I decided to pass on it.

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I just so happened to be in Cabels's looking for gun cleaning stuff when I crossed paths with a preowned Vepr Super 223 in the Gun Library Room. It was equipped with

the factory scope mount and was priced a little over $1000 which they gave me 10% off when I purchased it. It seems to be a well made rifle except the sling swivels

which are not the best but some of the worst I've seen. They are too narrow and won't accommodate a 1" or 1 1/4" wide sling. Have not shot the carbine yet but it

looks to be a fine shooter. Purchased a Nikon P223 tactical scope designed for this caliber and felt a 3x magnification was adequate for 100-200 yards distance. Did

not want to spend more on the scope. See my postings for pics and details regarding converting to a standard rifle sling size.







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