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Thanks, but those are drop in parts from Boyds' Gunstocks. All I can take credit for is asking for it, and fitting the hand guards just a little. They're made for a round retainer cap, but being my compensator is pinned and welded, I had to use the triangle one that was on the barrel already. Just a little whittling and sanding in the right spots to get a nice fit. 

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I love it! Boyd's is awesome. I have several laminated rifle blanks in various colors from them that were only $39/each. Now I am just waiting for my imagination to catch up with my stash. I always love to see what you do with laminate. Your projects always look good, and always inspire. Great job!

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Yeah I buy and build cheap guns and even when I try to make them look better they still look cheap,

but that’s no reason for you posting a nice looking rig just to bust my balls.


Great looking set up.



LOL, thanks.



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Very Nice!

That is some good looking laminate...  And that's saying something, cause I don't like laminate.



I've thought about doing an AR with either a Walnut or Birch with some tiger striping.

There were some nice fixed stock sets with triangular handguards.

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8 lbs with the carry handle. The same as before.


That's surprising. If they have it in blue/grey with a slimmed down A2? triangle profile, i'd be tempted. All I'd need is an AR.

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After researching, I have found three companies that are doing wood AR stock sets. Boydsgunstocks, which is the set that I got, and IronWood Design are doing them in mid-length. IronWood will do them in any color or wood you want, provided you supply the wood if they don't stock it. IronWood Design is also VERY expensive and only do the grip in the original, no finger groove form. Lucid (AR15Wooddotcom) is the other one. I love theirs but they don't do a mid-length. Boydsgunstocks does not do a matching grip, so I ordered a grip from Lucid, which will be here very soon.


Incidentally, Lucid is owned by Clem Boyd who is not affiliated with Boydsgunstocks.


There may be others, but I didn't find them......

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