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This is a standard Strikefire Vortex I have had for a while, but only mounted briefly, and only used a few times. It is in good shape, comes with two brand new never opened batteries, and the see through mount so you can still use iron sights. If you want the other mount, Strikefire sells them for about 20 bucks. This sight was never torture tested by me, but was recommended to me after facing an extreme torture test from a good friend of mine, who tried to cook off the electronics with a massive rapid fire range trip on his AK. This is a solid one piece aluminum tube design, and this same model was tested by the manufacturer with .375 H&H Magnum for 1000 rounds. If for some reason it did fail, Strikefire is renown for their lifetime replacement guarantee, which in my opinion, in this day and age, more than makes up for the lack of the name of a big time american company who still contracts their work out to china and then tries to hide the fact.

I dont have a clear picture of the unit itself, but as its practically new, it looks just like this stock picture


Im pretty sure I still have the original box, and the 2x add on magnifier

Pretty neat little unit, I just moved towards magnification. If anyone is interested, I can also share the cheap contrast intensifier mod I made for it.

Only asking 125 shipped, OBO, Crossposted, Timestamp has it.
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