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The rocknlock works great. Its even better if the bolt has been modified to load on a close bolt. Here's one of my s12 with it. You can look at my profile. Pic for a photo from another one of my s12's.


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My cousin has one on his gun. It didn't seem to make much of a difference for me, but maybe slightly easier to funnel a drum into place by feel.

It certainly doesn't hurt anything though.

Obviously, I am a big fan of a couple of JTE's other products though.

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I've got one. I find it helpful. The biggest thing it does is position the mag at the correct angle so you just have to shove up (to compress shells) and back (to lock the mag). Personally I think it helps with loading on a closed bolt, but as has been stated, this can also be accomplished just as well with practice. I like having help though.


Well I can actually think of just one negative: I really don't like the protrusion on the bottom of the receiver when handling the weapon unloaded. Not a big deal, just kind of a sharp chunk of metal to be along the usually smooth bottom of an AK. YMMV.

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Well, if it helps, it helps. I will never knock anything that really makes something easier, for someone. Especially such a small thing. I'd like the unit better if the front edges of it and the corners were radiused. I think it could even stand to have a little bit of wings flaring backward to help with the side to side funneling. That would make it more worthwhile to me. I understand that he wanted to keep it way clear of the drums, but there is room still for a little funneling, and every bit would help.


Krebs and a few others have sold 3 side rock and lock magwells for AKs. For that matter, I am pretty sure that is what Jim had on the firebird saigas, rather than a straight shove. I'm sure it is faster, but drums are right out with tall "wings"

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Yep, the original design had wings on the sides and was fast as hell for the stick mags.  But the market tends to lean towards using the drums, so I never produced it in large quantities.


I really don't understand the infatuation with the drums.  I have one for testing, but I would never use it in any situation that I can possibly think of.  But, each to their own, that's the nice thing about having a choice!



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Well, sometimes you want something just because others think you aren't supposed to have it. While I obviously prefer your standard mag-well and stick mags, it also kinda feels wrong to own an S12 without an MD 20 as a way of extending two fingers to those who pointlessly made the pointless streetsweeper a DD.


The MD20 is probably more reliable and durable and is definitely more affordable than buying a frankenmag 20 for most people who want a lot of shots. It's fun too. 

It is reliable enough for "serious work" provided your gun will cycle with the extra resistance, so that's a viable use. I don't keep mine as an HD mag, but I could.


An actual practical use for one is leaving an S12 by the back door full of birdshot when there are flocks of starlings around. Those are like biblical plauges locusts. There have been a couple of times where I probably could have gotten most of the way through an MD20 before the flock was out of range. 

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