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Boba Debt

3x5 Military Flag Box with 13 x 15.5 Certificate / Shadow Box Section

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These are hand made flag boxes designed for the Flag / Certificate sets that service members bring back from combat theaters such as Iraq and Afghanistan


The lower section can be converted to a shadow box for the mounting military medals, insignia, etc.


These are made from choice pine which has some natural defects but other wood species are available for and additional charge


A black certificate mat is included



I have 14 different boxes available in the Wall Hung or Stand Alone style in a variety of colors




Flag folding & certificate/medal mounting available for an additional fee on a case by case basis.





If interested send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com


























Overall Dimensions - 25” tall x 18” wide x 3.25” deep

Flag Section Displays a 3’ x 5’ flag

Lower Section Dimensions - 15.5” wide x 13” tall x 2.75” deep






Golden Oak


Black (Painted)












$85 - Standard Shadow Box completely finished with your choice of stain color with glass and a black mat

$75 - Standard Shadow Box completely finished with your choice of stain color with a black mat, no glass installed

$60 - Unstained Box only with backer boards, no glass or mat is included.





Shadow box conversion available for an additional $10


The following felt colors are available for the shadow box panel:







This listing uses stock photos, you can request images of your actual display case prior to shipping.


The shadow boxes are photographed without glass install to cut down on reflections

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Nice bit o craftsmanship Boba, good luck with sales.





May I see pictures of the actual velvet that you use?


GySgt NR


I misspoke when I said velvet, I actually use felt which I get a Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart.


I don't have any completed boxes set up with felt but I can get some boards set up and take some pictures of them, however, it never really looks that same in person.


You were interested in some of these a couple years ago when I did a similar run, but you kind of lost interest.


Since you live close by I would be glad to help you get this worked out this time. I'm actually coming to J-vile on Tuesday, if you want to meet I could bring some with me.

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I have been in Yuma, AZ since early 2011.  So, with that in mind do you do shipping?



GySgt NR

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Yes, I would ship a box but to date no one has followed through once I get the shipping quotes.


These are large and heavy so it can get expensive.


I just sent someone a quote for 3 assembled boxes, no glass or mats, and it was $31 for USPS Standard Parcel and $53 for UPS Ground



I also prefer to ship them without the glass installed. I can install acrylic but I recommend just buying the glass locally if you get one.

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I completely understand NOT shipping with glass in the box, just makes sense. I'd like pictures of a box your currently working on if you could. My birthday is tomorrow and I told my wife I wanted one of these... we will see.

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I have a total of 14 finished Flag/Certificate boxes in wall hung and stand alone style in the various available colors

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The gun show was a bust, lots of people stopped and asked questions but everyone was more interested in spending their money on Guns and Ammo, who da thunk


Any way I have reduced the prices on these.

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I'll take one in provincial with either navy blue or black felt. Pm me you're making address for payment.




Gunny NR

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Boba, I want to thank you for the extra effort in making my three flag boxes. They came of course last Friday and I was going to start

finishing them this week, but work put me out on the road for two days on Monday and Tuesday so I got a late start. Your packing was as

impressive as the workmanship on the boxes. I hope you have others that will recognize that. Got to stain them on Thanksgiving and put

first clear coat on this morning. Will do additional coats 24 hours apart until I am satisfied with the depth. For all the work you did,

building the boxes, packing them so they arrived in one (three) piece(s), and three day delivery, I couldn't have gotten better service

from a manufacturer. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Will post some pics after they are completed. Definitely worth the money, I almost hate to give them to my in-laws.

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I'm real sorry if this belongs in the "Random Picture" thread, but just so everyone knows, THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE. Bought these to give

to my outlaws, since my wife has the coffin flag from her Dad's military funeral. Of course I was cheap and got

them unstained and did it my way. Besides, that was the right way. 1st and 2nd coats, with the blue felt to repre-

sent her Dad's Air Force service. Left the plexi-glass out so it wouldn't reflect. Will post the remaining pics in next posts

Here's two more.

Holy crap, I posted twice because it said my picture size was too big and then combined the two posts to make one. Hell I would have

attached more pics if I knew that was going to happen. Ain't technology great?

Well here's another.







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Those look great.


I might be doing a run of boxes for a local charity so I have to make some samples for a meeting we have on Thursday.


I also came up with a new design that is easier to ship that might ebay better.


I'll post some pictures later.

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I love the look of my original Flag/Certificate Box, it is very reminiscent of the Flag/Medal Boxes I made for my troops when I was in the Corps.


Here are couple examples of that box, forgive the image quality, these are scans of actual photos.








I will admit that I did not create this design, it was on every shelf of every engraving shop in Jacksonville, NC.


I don’t know about any where else, but these seem to be the standard in the late 80s, early 90s. BUT they became kind of obsolete after the First Gulf War since you couldn’t fit all the medals and ribbons in them.



I deployed a lot in the mid to late 90s and then I got out of the Corps, I got a new job and was way to busy to make boxes for anyone.



Then my friends started bringing back the Flag/Certificate sets from Iraq I was very disappointed with the boxes they were getting from the Exchange and I was even more surprised that they were paying $100+ for them.



So I came up the the design in my original post and many of my friends have given members of their family flags mounted in my boxes and I’m always honored by that.



I have always wanted to share my work with others, via the net, because I think I can delivery a better product for less money, however, my original design is very expensive to ship and not the easiest to disassembly and reassembly.




So I came up with a new design






This box is only slightly smaller then my original but it’s small enough not to fall into the the “dimensional weight” category so shipping is very reasonable


It’s also uses a new clip system that I adapted from metal picture frame systems that is very end user friendly:







All Boxes will start as a Wall Hung Unit but I can include and attachable base with every box to convert it into a Stand Alone Unit.





So now I’m doing a small run from oak and pine because I need some samples for a meeting I have this week, I cut and glued up a bunch of parts this afternoon:









If all goes well, I will be asked to build 12 boxes, but I always make more then I need so if you like this new design, keep checking in on this thread because I might have a couple for sale.

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I now have 8 boxes available for $75 plus shipping.


They are the new style and will come in your choice of stain, with a black mat and the shadow box inserts.


NO GLASS is included.


My new boxes use a simple clip system that makes added your glass and contents to the box very simple and tool-less


If you would like to buy one send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com













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Are you still making the flag shadow boxes and are you still near Jacksonville FL? I would like two and could drive up there to get them.

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I can make these to order but the Jacksonville that I am close to is in NC.


However, these are not that expensive to ship.



It's best to email me about them at bobadebt@ec.rr.com

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