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MI will likely allow SBRs and SBSs soon

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So, if I have a SBS that's under 26" overall, it will be legally considered a pistol under MI law....... and as such, with a license to carry concealed, can be leagally carried CONCEALED just like any other pistol. Interesting. I'd STILL carry the federal registration with me, even if it's under 26".

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so now that they're legal, what are you getting?


I put an order in for a DD with an 11.5" barrel.  Keeps me just over 26" (with the muzzle brake off) so I don't have to register it as a pistol.  Not sure how that would work if it was in a trust and I tried to register it as a pistol with my local LEO.  A couple years ago when I registered my folding stock saiga as a pistol I got the feeling they were making it up as they went along so I'd rather not mess with it again. 

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know any dealers who will be selling SBR's?



And here's what the State Police say: 


Under 26" it has to be registered as a pistol in MI.  Though it sounds like you guys are saying you can put a pistol in a trust.


It's only recognized as pistol by the state of MI, not federal or other states. So it's recognized as an SBR on your trust not a pistol.

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so the old 30 inch thing in Mi is dead, correct?

My understanding (as a general citizen, not attorney and not qualified to give legal advice) is yes, they did away with the 30" thing.  It's now 26".  However, if you have a rifle with a side folding stock that was registered as a pistol in the past while the law was in effect, it's still a pistol and can be carried loaded in the front seat. 

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