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Body armor and bulletproof vests

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I am considering investing in some sort of bulletproof vest, or body armor, in case of SHTF scenarios, or increasing home self-defense in case of civil unrest and such, God forbid.

I am moving towards some sort of vest that offers a level II protection, with the capability of heavier inserts for level III or so protection.

Any ideas, thoughts, etc.? I'd like to keep the plates to possibly be inserted light in weight, any idea of the best company to get bulletproof vest and body armor, etc.?


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DKX makes some Super light Plates  that can take a AK shot. Fairly priced. They weigh around 3 pounds a plate. I'm saving up for them for my RIG.  I was looking for protection and being mobile. Some RIGS with level 3 can weigh over 50 pounds loaded. I want to be half of that.  The level II plates weight 18 oz. There is some good stuff on You tube about the DKX plates. My vest is a Condor quick release plate carrier.  I hope I can help

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I just picked up a set of AR500 plates but am yet to "bed liner" the fronts of each for splatter. I plan to run kevlar(2nd Chance or flak vest) under the plates for spalling. No not perfect but "every little bit" right. And ya, I know, heavy. But I've reached that age where I realize that I'm too young to die, but too old and decrepit to run anyway,lol.


Here's a good reveiw of the actual AR500 brand plates. They stopped up to 308 and 54R. The guy also is coming from a prepping mindset and not Mil/LE. Remember that the steel can take multiple hits years apart and still be fairly effective. Ceramics can take multiple hits also, but each hit shortens the plates usable life span due to micro fracturing. As civilians we most likely wont have a readily available resupply like our Military and LE brethren. What we have, is what we got.


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They are most likely shitty plates. AR500.com plates will stop multiple 193 + 855 hits. Also checkout "the targetman" plates.

Bees combat systems makes some really nice carriers too, at great prices.

They definitely were, they were eBay plates. I bought them to test them and homemade spall protection. But even the brand ar500 says regular .556 is a level 4 round so that's why they don't mention it on their website, their plates may stop it as seem in videos on their site but they won't put it in writing. They do say ap.556 because it has a lower velocity. For spall protection I did 7 layers of Kevlar coated with bedliner. It worked but I would alternate Coats if I did it again. That would work much better. Edited by Mopar14889
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It's probably a stolen vest!  A lot were kifed in the supply channels, and now most dealers won't touch em unless they come factory direct.  Also, you don't know how abused the plates actually are.  They might also be Zorlon(??) plates which was found to be a ineffective for bulletproofing.

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