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I had a simple part fall of my mag while shooting. I have e-mailed them at least 5 times to get a replacement with no response. I found a telephone number (937) 552-9393 listed for their business profile but it isn't in service. Personally I think they should be removed from this web site. They still sell their products but worn't reply to customers with issues.

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MD Arms return policy states...


Exclusive Remedy:
MD Arms, Ltd sole and only obligation, indirect or otherwise, to the buyer or any end-user (customer) of our goods is expressly limited to replacement or repair, at the option of MD Arms, Ltd at its facility of any goods returned to it with all transportation charges to and from MD Arms, Ltd prepaid by the customer.

Upon the occurrence of any event which the customer believes obligates MD Arms, Ltd to repair or replace any goods, the customer must immediately notify MD Arms, Ltd , by email , so it can perform a warranty determination. After receipt of the parts or components involved, MD Arms, Ltd will perform a warranty determination to determine if the above warranty applies and notify the customer, in writing, within a reasonable time after the warranty determination has been made.


Kinda confusing but it sounds to me that they really don't perform a warranty determination until they receive the parts.  If you really feel it falls under warranty go ahead and send the parts in.   They require you to pay shipping both ways so send it along with a prepaid return shipping label.


I've tried to contact them in the past and they never reply back.  They did follow thru though.    

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E-clip is fine, but I would prefer to have original parts. Part of the reason I collect guns is because of the investment aspect of it. I don't even care if they charge me for the part. I just want the part for this mag. I've been trying to get in contact for months. I haven't received a reply of any sort as of yet.  I thought maybe they would see they have an irritated customer with this thread and actually respond for a change.


Also when I contacted Copes they said they don't deal with MD anymore. I told them I have been trying to get in touch with them for a long time but they won't reply. The woman said "I hear that a lot."

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