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Aftermarket BHO addition / conversion

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Howdy all!


Just finished my first Saiga 20 conversion. I'll be posting pics later.


My 20 showed up with no BHO lever, and no slot in the reciever for one.


Also, no threaded muzzle (unlike my 12 ga), and nothing that looks like a fixed choke.


I did a Dinzag Arms trigger conversion with a CAA pistol grip, a bonesteel arms folding tang adapter, and a magpul ctr expandable stock. Also have some csspecs 10rd steel mags, and planning on a different foregrip.


I also cut a slot for a BHO lever and added one I bought aftermarket.


Have had some FTE issues with target loads, but works fine with slugs, gonna try some buckshot this weekend; it loved remington buck before the conversion.


Thoughts, questions?

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Does the Dinzag Arms trigger conversion have the hammer profiled similar to the original? When I did my S20 I just bought the standard Tapco G2 and worked it over slowly, since it was dragging more than the original. Mine likes Remington STS target loads, but not quite to the Federal Bulk yet. I guess the important question is would it fire the target loads before the conversion? Finally, check this local thread for info about original built-in chokes: 

S-20 Receiver & Barrel Specifications by Dinzag.

My S20 has these markings: EAA Corp, Cocoa, FL. 2001.
Full Choke, not threaded.
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My S 20 has external threads on the muzzle ........... is this a rarity ?


I don't know if it's chocked or not ;and to be honest I don't really care .




I'll bet the perpetrator won't care either when the barrel is shoved down his gullet

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Let us know how the weekend turns out. I don't know where you're from but here in NW Iowa it's looking like 5f for the high... good luck!
Also, did you install a Saiga 12 BHO in your 20, or something else? how difficult was the install? Is the bolt held far enough back to easily load a mag?
Ok, I'm done with the questions for now, promise.

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Havent had a chance to shoot yet (range closures due to weather, and I'm in Texas).


I actually purchased several BHO levers from various places (1 from someone here), I believe the one I put in the 20 is identical to a Saiga 12.


It does hold open far enough for me to lock the bolt carrier back, install a mag, and then release the bolt carrier.

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