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Hello, I am in the process of doing a Saiga x39 hand guard conversion.  I ordered a gas tube, the guy said it was Rommy.  I thought any gas tube would work.  But if you see from the pics, the gas tube is about 0.25" too short.  It is way loose, thinking there must be a difference in the tubes.  Can someone tell me what to look for next time.  Will a AK47 vs AK74  gas tube be the same, please school me, thanks.



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Nevermind, I figured it out myself, well actually someone else mentioned it on another forum.  The problem lies in the difference in the 45 degree and my 90 degree gas block.  Since my Saiga has a 90 degree gas block, I guess the Romy tube that I was trying to make fit was for a 45 degree gas block which made the gas tube too short.

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it's not the gas block type, it's simply because of manufacturing tolerances. a lot of AKs have gas tubes fitted to the specific rifle, so length differences of a few milimeters is common. unfortunately you got a shorty - no real way to fix that.


FWIW I suggest specifically buying an AK-74 tube, as they are spring-loaded at the rear and are the correct type of tube for the Saiga, giving you the best fit to the rifle.

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I had a similar issue, to long.  But solved it by buying a Bulgy AK 74 gas tube. Either way the Bulgy GT has to be reworked where the lock comes down on the angle/bevel by grinding or filing. Russia GT are good to go IF you can find one.

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