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OT - can you please help with folding stock on SLR106CR?

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Off topic, sorry if this is in wrong category and please feel free to move if needed.


Got SLR106CR rifle but having problems with the folding stock - does not matter what I do it refuses to fold . Any thoughts or ideas?  I am attaching two quick shots I have taken post-40039-0-65261000-1388460568_thumb.jpgpost-40039-0-97100900-1388460582_thumb.jpg


Thank you!

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There is a thread covering this problem with a couple different types of folders. As I recall the problems were with burrs, dirt, and rust, which all required them to be dismantled and filed and/or cleaned and lubricated. These issues caused the button to not be depressed far enough to allow the mech. to release.

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It looks like a simple spring-loaded button.


Lube it with oil and they tap it gently, with a soft hammer, until it unlocks.


If that works you'll need to take it apart and clean it up.


Same advise as all the previous posts, I guess.

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All of the above IME.

Had near-new Tula-made AKS-74U ("Krink") that wouldn't budge as well. Used mag to smack the bastard down to fold.

Company armorer ended up de-burring and opening up the hole.


Same case, perhaps?

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