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I've never heard of them before. My grandfather send me a box of brass, reloading stuff, random cleaning supplies, !PRIMERS!, and an old fixed blade hunting knife. It says CASE just above the hilt, looks like it's about 60-70 y/o. Has anyone ever seen this company?

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Absolutely! I love Case knives. I have a few folders and my hunting knife is a Case. Last I heard they were still produced in Bradford PA. Why not share a photo of it?

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Case knives are great. My hunting folder is a case its a 6265...bought it at the local hardware store where I grew up in WV 20 years ago. Cleaned stalls for the better part of a year to save up the 75 bucks for it, I was 15 at the time. Used it to field dress and butcher 3 deer this year. IMO they take an edge better then any other knive I have. I have a couple of their pocket knives as well. Check out their website wrcase.com. You may be able to contact them and get some info on yours. Is there a number on the blade above the handle? Very cool knife!

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I had one my dad got somewhere. It had the same stacked leather /aluminum bolster as yours, and a blade similar to the classic Kabar. I promptly broke the point throwing it. Stupid 12 year olds.


Modern day as near as I can tell the company exists to make canoe knives that are intended for collecting more than using.

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Thank you for the info guys. Here is a picture as requested. If anyone has one similar I'd like to know what model and year-range it might be!



that knife has been sharpened a few times huh? 



Yep, in fact I learn how to use a whetstone from him. It's older than I am thats for sure.

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