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Yet another collapsible stock thread; need opinions

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Hey gang,


So I'm finally breaking down and putting a collapsible stock on my girl; the old NATO-length stock+recoil pad is just too long to run with armor on.


I think--despite the fact that I don't like the looks as much--that I'm going to go with an M4-style buffer tube and stock.  Not that I'm sold on that, mind you, it's just that it's what I know and seems to work best.


But I want opinions.  I've still got the tang on my shotgun, so I want a tube and adapter that work with that.  I also don't want to break the bank and go all Magpul with it.


Folding isn't important to me; collapsible will be more than enough and serve for both storage and length-of-pull solutions.


Anyone have any strong recommendations?  Especially on the adapter and buffer tube?


Are there any other good collapsible stocks that aren't M4-style?









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Not sure if this fits your budget constraints, or if it even interests you, but this looks like a rock solid set-up.It appears to use the tang with the adapter plate that twin60s made. You might want to PM him if this interest you.




Good luck with your project!

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I used the Commercial Size M4 Tube from CSS, http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/css-ak-tube.htm

I ended up using the Magpul ACS stock, The cheek weld is good and I like the idea of having small survival items stored in the compartments. I will admit that I have this system on my S308, but I'm considering putting it on my other Saigas. Good luck, hope this helps in some way. Thanks out to CSS, great fit!




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Thanks for the suggestions, guys.


I love 60s conversion kit; that looks tight as hell.  I'll PM him about it.  


Also got to play with a buddy's S12 tonight that has a Magpul on it...and I just loved the hell out of it.  

Depending on what 60 says, I'll probably go with the adapter from CSS and a Magpul of one form or another.


I guess I can spend a little extra on it.  She is my baby, after all...

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