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Any good tritium ak sights?

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The complaint I have read about tritium sights dot aks is

There a little wider it can make shooting at small targets at longer ranges much more difficult. Though, the main downside to them imo is that because the front sight post only has tritium on one side you have to do a full revolution when adjusting for elevation for zero. if your gun happens to be sighted in with the tritium facing the target you out of luck.

Are there any good tritium ak sights that have small post that you can rotate the tritium vial so it faces you is there an adapter that allows you to use ar15 front sight post?

Does anybody know where I can find or have this custom made? It's how meprolight used to make there night sights.

this meprolight one looks perfect and only $46
plus this Ar15 front sight post adaptor
makes me nervous cause ive never seen anyone do this before
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If you have an open eared front sight block the adapter will work fine with it. If you have a hooded front sight block it is a pain in the ass to get it aligned properly, and I trashed a tritium front post trying to install it on one of my AK's because of that. I have a Meprolight AKM pattern front post on my Bulgy AK 74. Didn't have any issues aligning it ,and it sighted in perfectly. Nice feature to have in my opinion.


BTW, I find the tritium in the Meprolight is brighter than that in the AmeriGlo, others may feel differently though.


Krebs S12 Combat Sights actually take a AR 15 front post, I replaced the standard one with a tritum AR front post and I love it on my shotgun

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thanks for the input. on relative brightness. I did something like that with a tritium AR front sight I got for $11 on ebay. It could be brighter, but I think it is old.  It's the trijicon thin vertical bar style.


I've been trying to order the raw tritium vials to put on all my guns from some of the vendors on candle power forums. I'll likely do a writeup or a quick video if that ever goes through.

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