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Brake, muzzle brake...  You do not want to break your muzzle.


What do you want it to do specifically or in combination?

Do you want it to brake recoil, compensate muzzle rise, control flash, or a combination of two of these?

Do you want it to be a breaching tool, be able to inflict compliance via pain and look super tacti-cool?

How much is your budget?  A good one that actually works is going to be $75 -$150+.


The best brakes comps and flash hiders can be points of contention, and garner a good argument.

Many that people say work,  others say is perceived recoil reduction/rise simply due to the weight of the attachment and not function.

The only one that is relatively easy to test, for most people, is a flash hiders capability.

Brakes & comps are in my opinion, generally based on a bit of science, a bigger portion of what looks cool and a bunch of market testing/marketing,

Then enters the military, they've the money, to pay some contractor to R&D what really works.


So what attachment does the Russian military use?

Enter our dear Uncle Ivan, bless his vodka soaked heart, he has given us the Molot GK-01 Vepr/Saiga 12 brake/comp.

Getting a real one can take a while and cost a pretty penny, but there is a fine US made copy.



Others that are well thought of are apparently well regarded.

Tromix Monster & Mini Monster

Tromix Shark

Bonesteel Arms Firestorm

CSS Monster Claw large/Small

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I use the jt engineering on one, does a really good job of recoil reduction. I have one with just a thread protector, and the recoil difference when firing buck shot is noticeable when shot side by side. Your probably gonna get about 20 or more different opinions on what break to use lol

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Check in those sections of the forums. There are already multiple threads on such topics.



I did look around on the forum but couldn't really find a useful thread.  Also a search didn't provide very useful results either.  I'm new to the forum.  Could you provide a little more direction to help me find this info?



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You've eight good suggestions for brakes/comps so far, all made by well known/regarded companies.


Very few people can honestly say which brake is the best, most can just give their opinion of two or three.

One would have to have extensive experience with most of the available brakes/comps to be able to honestly answer that question.

And manufacturers, well, they're biased with good reason.


Search Tips.

At the top of the page, click the Advanced Search cog next to the search window.

Enter your search subject, e.g. "muzzle device" or compensator, brake or "recoil reduction".

In Find The Forum, under Saiga Shotguns, select Saiga 12

Select Topic List


You should then be able to scan thread titles looking for topics meeting your needs.

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I found a half-cage A2-stlye 14x1 brake on Ebay that worked nicely. Everything vents up and to the sides, nothing to the bottom to keep the rifle planted straight.


I found a half-cage A2-stlye 14x1 brake on Ebay that worked nicely. Everything vents up and to the sides, nothing to the bottom to keep the rifle planted straight.


That won't brake or compensate nearly as much as designs with more perpendicular surface area vents. The tests I did with the MD 10 slot flash hider were not perfect, but the video footage was indistinguishable from a bare muzzle. 

I kinda hate to put this footage out due to the skew created by a few mistakes I did, but if you just take it for qualitative inferences, it's still helpful. I made a lot more footage of each type and saw clear trends, but the ability to quantify and definitively rank them is out. I've had the supplies in the way for months that I bought to build a proper test rig. 



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