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Chaos rail for 7.62x39mm

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  Recieved a Chaos Quad Rail for a Saiga 7.62x39mm rifle. Got it installed. Mounted quick and easy. I keep looking it over thinking,"that was too easy"?, I must be missing something.?  

Yet to mount a sling or fire it with the rail. I wanted to say looks to be some very nice work! Nice machine work. Weight seems to be less than simular railed hand guards. The anodizing seems to be top notch from what I can tell! Like the way the lower hand guard retainer/sling mount is made to use with the Saiga version with out pressing off the front site and gas block.


I apreciate the 15% off sale price I was able to recieve also.big_smile.gif 


 If there were anything on it that could be done to improve upon it...maybe fluting the top rail would help the site picture. The railed top cover I'm using on the same rifle has a peep site made bye Kel- tec. Having a problem seeing the front site post.


 Over all some nice work!  

                                         Thanks Cam and everyone else at Chaos!   CS.



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