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Any one have experience with the Zastava O Pap?

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I wanted another wood furniture AK and love the look of the RPK receiver on the O Pap so I finally ordered one online and it should be at my ffl next week. I know that the wood is probably going to require a little work but I'm curious to know if any of you good people have hands on experience with the rifle and know of any other positives or negatives I should know about, accuracy, etc. Any information would be appreciated.

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The buzz on other forums is that this model is being discontinued, so you have good timing if you wanted one.

Apparently these were built from M70's that Century got their hands on and they contracted Zastava to swap out the receivers with new ones.

No more M70's left, no more O-PAPs coming in.   At least that's the way I understand it.


If anyone wants one of these, the best deal going is at FirearmsForSale (dot com)

You can use the code "30-off" to get it for $544.94 with free shipping.

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Zastava factory made OPAP is a high end AK47 you cant go wrong . I have M70s and M64 and IMO Yugos are one of the best AKs on the market

only 16 left !!!



use coupon code "30-off" 542$ shipped ,


to late ,this morning 877$ and 3 left, I saw OPAP at CNC  for 560$+sh

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I took possession of my O Pap today and all I can say is WOW! The build quality is on par or better than my Arsenal and fit and finish is much better than expected. I can also verify that these are remanufactured military rifles due to the fact that I have remnants of the military serial number on the left side of the front trunion. All in all I'm really happy with the rifle.

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And for the record the rifle came with one tapco mag and one rib back mag. The steel mag appeared to have been run over by a tank. The mag body was so dented that I had to drive the follower out to disassemble it. Once I had the follower moving free I tried to load the mag and realized the feed lips had been crushed so close together that a round wouldn't fit between them. So about five minutes of plier work had the mag running perfect. Gotta love a field fixable design.

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