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I've got the 3 gun bug again

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It's been a while, went through a divorce, completed an MBA, and retired from the military. Now I'm living in Phoenix, Arizona and really want to get back into competition.


I picked up a nice pistol, .40 cal EAA Witness Limited,


My Saiga with magazine well also have a Rock and Lock version


And a nice AR that I built.


Anyway I'm ready to get back into shooting and hopefully doing better.


I'll tell you guys what, today I worked on my Saiga today, I took the tacti-cool quad rail off and put the original hand guard back on and the weapon just felt good in my hands.


So I plan to shoot USPSA and Multi gun in the Phoenix area.



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must be something in the water that makes these things happen. when I retired from the military I too got a divorce and pretty much dropped out of shooting matches. I didn't get an education so it's not a mirror image thing.

the good news is life goes on, there's a good chance you'll meet someone else, and shooting is still fun.

good luck.


oh yeah what are you using at the carbine match?

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I wanted to get into 3 gun shooting, but never seemed to get around to it. Female relationships took away too much money. Speaking of such, how much money would it take for a person to get into or back into such a fun...and perhaps, expensive sport?


The reason I am asking is that I do not know for sure. You were once doing it. Consider all the expense...RV...travel expenses, hand loading, round count...etc.. Seems like it could cost literally thousands per month? HB of CJ (old coot) SW Oregon with travel.

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The amount you have to spend depends on what you already have and what you need, or want.  If you have a basic auto loading rifle, shotgun and pistol you are almost ready to play.  You will need a holster, belt, extra mags and some ammo.  Make sure you know the zero on all your guns and go for it.  You will learn a ton at your first matches and that will help you decide what else you need to purchase.  Don't buy a bunch of stuff before you start competing, you'll probably just waste your money and have to buy differerent stuff later.  By the way, we are holding the Northwest Multigun Challenge in Bend this summer at the COSSA range.  Still a few spaces left, register soon.


Good Luck, See you on the range!


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Well, it looks like either "3 gun stuff" or another Chevy pickup rat rod project. Decisions, decisions. Bend would be definitely doable. Hummm. Maybe I could just show up and watch everything? We may see. HB of CJ (old coot) SW OR. smile.pngsmile.png

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