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Hello everybody new guy to the forum here. I usually build AR-15s' so I'm still fairly new to the "AK" platform. I bought a Saiga sporter in 5.45x39 and want to convert it to the standard AK style. I recently saw a Saiga variant by Krebbs Customs that caught my eye, so my new project is to modify my rifle around the Krebbs Custom UFM Keymod Rail. Everything seems pretty staight forward, except I want to move the Front Sight Base closer to the shooter and thread the muzzle.I know with dimples holding the front sight base secure the holes could be a problem filing in. My main question is: Is it practical to move the front sight base closer to the shooter? How difficult would it be do it? How do I fill the dimple holes? If I did all that I would have it cerakoted. I havn't seen anything on ANY forum that talks about it. My goal is for the front sight base and the rail to meet like in the second picture attached (yes I know that's a shorter barrel in the picture). Realistic or not??



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 Is it practical to move the front sight base closer to the shooter?


This shortens the sight radius and will cause a decrease in accuracy. 



That hasnt seemed to diminish the popularity and use of the AK100 series weapons

...and of course the krinks.


I think most modern weapons being used outside of 100-200 yds will be carrying (or shoud be) one of the vast choices in optics today.






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One problem is the diameter of the barrel behind the front sight is thicker than the front sight location. You would either have to ream the sight to a larger size or turn the barrel in a lathe which would require complete removal of barrel and barrel parts.

...or locate a fsb/gb combo of same diameter of your gas block and go from there.

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