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Cheek riser recommendation request

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Anyone have a recommendation for a firmly mounted "cheek riser"?


My build will have a Chaos Extended Rail with a MRD (ie. mini red dot) mounted.  I want a cheek-hold rather than a chin-hold when handling this shotty.  I've personally used cheek risers that "snap" onto the buttstock, but are NOT IMPRESSED with their ability to handle rough usage.  Pretty much, I'm looking for a cheek riser that is build tough and firmly mounted with bolts/screws to ensure that it doesn't move.


The stock itself is not as important to me as the cheek riser, but I'd want it to be just as tough.  Cost is not the factor, but rather a bullet-proof cheek riser/stock combo.



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You didn't mention what type of stock you have on your S12 - if you are using a standard type stock, here are some choices.





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My apologies.  I should have been more clear when I stated that the "stock itself is not as important to me as the cheek riser".  I should have been more clear and clarified that I have NOT purchased a stock or a stock/tube adjustable combination yet.  At the moment I'm more concerned about a comfortable cheek rest.


Just so you know, this "new" build will be my 2nd S12.  My first S12 is collapsable with a Magpul MOE stock which allows a good cheek hold with iron sights.  But with my plans for this "new" build while swapping some parts, it's obvious to me that the Magpul will NOT work with the Chaos Extended rail and a MRD.  So overall, I've not yet decided upon which stock version to purchase, but it's whether I can get a solid mounted cheek rest that determines which stock to purchase.


Here's kinda what I've been thinking:


A- There is a cheek rest made specifically for the "Carolina Raptor Stock" that appears to mount with 4 screws to the stock.  Anyone know whether that cheek rest is polymer or some type of metal?  The stock is aluminum, but I don't know about the cheek riser.


B- There is a cheek rest made for the Tromix stock that appears to mount with 4 screws.  Apparently it will mount to either the polymer or aluminum version of the Tromix stock, but there is some "modifications" needed for mounting to the aluminum version.


If I'm completely off-base with my concern for needing a "riser" on the stock, please let me know.  I'll be using some type of MRD (ie. probably a Leupold or Trijicon) on the Chaos Extended rail section.  Thanks...

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Both the CSS Raptor and Tromix stocks are of excellent quality, but I am not sure what material they use for their cheek pieces. A quick call or email will get your answer.

If you go with a "standard"  type stock - the links I posted are good solutions. The AR collapsible stocks while not "traditional", are a good choice due to their adjustability, and have plenty of durable cheek piece options.


As for the NEED of a cheek piece... there are so many factors to consider. I use an Ultimak M11-L with a MRD, and only needed a single layer wrap of paracord to get a good cheekweld on my DPH Skeleton stock. You might want to pick the stock you like that has a good, solid cheek piece available, and just order the stock to see if it works as is - and order the cheek piece later if needed.

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