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Gun Safes Review / Q&A

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Posted 02 March 2015 - 10:17 PM

Just have some duck tape or spray paint ready to obscure the "Gun Safe" on the carton as it comes off the truck.


When I picked up my safe from the store, it was shrink wrapped and bolted to a pallet. My buddy and I loaded it up (laying down) in the back of his truck with drop cloths over it. Nobody in traffic could see what it was. We backed it up to my garage door and stood it upright into the garage and I dropped the garage door. Then I moved it into the house one night with my brother. Nobody ever saw it.

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Posted 18 March 2015 - 06:22 PM

I just scored a gun safe from a surplus store out in the boonies. It's a Stack-on 22 gun safe with electronic lock that had some scratches on the finish. I got it for over 50% off. LOVE ME SOME SCRATCHES YEAH. It's not the biggest or fanciest but for a first safe it couldn't be beat. Loaded it in my dad's pickup and brought it home. Now to install it in it's new home and fill it up.
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Posted 23 August 2015 - 07:31 PM

I am sorry.  My post was very harsh and non appropriate.  HB

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Posted 08 January 2016 - 07:48 AM



Great info. on safe selection, installation, and use.

Thanks to another thread on this site I was guided to another excellent gun safe manufacturer/model. I happened to find a "used" American Security (AMSEC) BF6336 on Craigslist listed at $2500. Turned out it was being sold by a pharmaceutical co. that was relocating, they had never put anything in the safe except the paperwork, and had never even bolted it down. Only thing they had done is change the tumbler to a Group 1 at their insurance rep's request.

I scored it for $2000, it was about $5800 retail with the tumbler and options.

Killer safe, with two sheets of steel around the top, bottom, and sides, spaced 1-1/2" apart. Then castable gunite refractory is poured between the two sheets, creating a single monolithic shell. 1319 lbs. when done.

Only downside is I had to hire a safe mover to move it. He mentioned that with the Group 1 tumbler, I better not lose the combo, there were only a few safecrackers in the area that could get it back open for me.




-Guido in TX

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Posted 09 August 2016 - 07:56 AM

Truck pulls up to house...anticipation starts!!



Safe is being off loaded...


After I got the box off and inspected everything and noted a few spots of "finish" wear due to them using tie down straps I got it wheeled up to my front door.




After that I cut away all the cardboard and used a thick section of the Styrofoam that protected the front locking mechanism we got this rolling in the house.  Quick detour...I had to go to get a dolly from Tractor Supply rated for 1000lbs...$146 BUCKS!! Yes, I returned it.




That lip may not look like much but try squatting 882lbs!!




Once we got it in the front door we had to move it over carpet and tile.  We laid the front of the dolly down on a furniture dolly to use it as a pivot point.  That same lip we had to go up in the beginning...yep, had to down now.







Once it got through the household area it had to out the back door, around the house, and then in a smaller door.




Here is the door it now has to go in.  We had to remove the steel legs that held it up for the pallet jack and slide it carefully through the doorway.  There was exactly 1/4" to spare after we lined it up on the back side to allow the locking spindle and combo to clear.




I'm not showing where it's final resting place but DAMN WAS IT A BIO'TCH GETTING IT THERE!!!



Enjoy, I know I am,

Gunny NR 

Love all the photos 

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 03:01 AM

Hi, I haven't seen such a big safe before . It look amazing. Now a day compact biometric safes is trending for their features and security. But the big mechanical or electrical safes too have huge market. There are many companies like Barska, Global Safe Corporation, Smith Wesson are designing safes with latest technologies like electronic digital function, fully motorized with two locking bolts, emergency openings by electronic override & mechanical key, ADA compliant illuminated keypad, easy programmable battery-powered electronic locking system, fingerprint detection, automatic keypad locking system when the incorrect combinations are tried out and many more upgraded technologies of providing security to the customer valuable asset.

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