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Rhino Arms

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Anyone here had a chance to look at the Rhino Arms AR10 shotgun at Shot?


From the limited information available, it sounds really cool,  an upper that slips right onto your SR25/DPMS style lower.

Kinda expensive, but if it works, I'll definitely take a closer look.

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I saw it at SHOT and looked it very closely.  Very nicely designed and crafted gun.  I think it's going to be a winner.  As noted, not for those on a budget.  However, to keep it in perspective,  guys who have S12 based race guns for competition easily easily have that much money their S12s.  I'd love to try one.

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$2,800 of expensive.

Maybe avail by fall.


If you're looking for a plinker then yes,  2800 is a tad much,

However, looking at race guns, the Tac 12a1 is said to be  around $2000 and an R&R Race Saiga is somewhere north of 3000, so if Rhino can get a race gun out for around 3k, they're in the same ballpark price wise. Especially since you could buy a .308 upper and use the same lower.

Its interesting that its taken so long for anyone to try and bring an AR10 based shotgun to market, but if this turns out well, I'm sure we'll see a slew of copycats in the next few years.


Key is going to be reliability and magazines

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Mag feeding is the whole point.  How much are the mags going to be as well?  How many rounds?  How long until companies are making parts?

Well in one vid I saw that she said 5 and 10 round mags were the "last piece".  Maybe 20 rounders and a drum down the line


With it being based on an AR10 there's a lot of stuff available already, so parts shouldnt be too much of an issue, as long as Rhino can keep up and stay in business.

AFAIK, 10 rounders will be offered and they claim they're already talking to someone who will make mag extensions.

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I looked at it as well, nice gun.

They said mags were 7 months out. and TAC-12a1 is $1860.00



Are the mags steel or polymer?


1860? Damn, I guess the value of Tac12s just dropped a few hundred :)

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