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Hello everyone, I am trying to make a decision on the name of my Perpetual NFA Trust.  A part of me wants to be clever (like "In God We Trust" or "In Guns We Trust") or something in Latin.  But a part of me says to be practical and serious with the name that obviously ties it to me since LEOs or ATF won't have a sense of humor (like "Last Name Trust").  But then another part says to use initials that don't obviously state my name (like "S.I. Trust").  This will be for Form 4 weapons so I don't plan to engrave it anywhere, but I guess that should be a consideration as well.  Anyone with real world trust experience have thoughts or insight?  Thanks for your time and consideration.   

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I had the same idea,  I called our friends in Washington and the woman told me that she highly discouraged a similar name.  I was told your legal name is the best option in a matter of words.

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You aren't doing a revocable trust?


Here is my top three names for your corporation.








On a more serious note, If you are setting up a good RT, Pick 3 letters that represent or are symbolic of something. KISS. keeping it simple. Don't stick out.

I had the same idea,  I called our friends in Washington and the woman told me that she highly discouraged a similar name.  I was told your legal name is the best option in a matter of words.

That chick wants you to make it simple for her. You set up the trust to draw a fine legal line between you and your assets. Why the fuck would you use the same name? You can call it UNICORN if you want. Nothing is best.

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When it comes to all things legal, the simplest is the best. If you want to make a statement buy a T-shirt. Don't dick around with the law. There is no need to provoke some liberal judge to cop an illegal (but upheld by the court) attitude about your trust at some later time because you wanted to be cute.


Just stick to something basic and simple. $0.02 given...

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I did first/last name.  I guess I should actually do some research as I had no idea things had to be engraved.  Is this for everything NFA?

Anything you register on a Form 1. Everything on a Form 4 was made by someone else and their info will be on the item you've transferred in.

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"Mind Your Own Business" Trust is probably taken already?  wink.png


"Nasty Fake Agency" Trust probably wouldn't go over well , either...


I am POSITIVE that the names of trusts get used time and again and again and again.  So, we all could have the "123 Revocable Living Trust" and if they were all done correctly they would all get approved.  


Additionally, for reasoning or intent for the item...almost anything can be used here too.





Have fun, be safe, and let us know what you go with.  Just FYI, mine is "NFA Assets Revocable Living Trust."  Knowing the name is worthless unless you have make, model, weapon specifications, serial numbers and the almighty signature to tie to it.



Gunny NR

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post Number 21 FTW.


Yep something with few characters to engrave. Keep it simple and clear so you don accidentally screw it up later i.e.


"The NunYaBidness trust" could get screwed up as: "NunYaBidness trust" "The Nun Ya Bidness trust" and so forth. Same with initials NYB trust or N.Y.B. Trust.  Makes sure the legal name of your trust exactly matches what you plan to engrave on all things into the future. So the "_Entire Text of the 2nd Amendment_  trust"is not going to work well on the end cap of a .22lR can.


You could call it the Individual Liberty Trust. One guy I know did the name of a street he used to live on. i.e. Ash Street Trust. 


I don't think they can legally object to a trust name based on taste. I don't know though. There may be restrictions against cuss words or something like "Kill ---Elected Official- Trust."

But I wouldn't play games with the purpose and use thing. While I'm not giving any legal advice, you may or may not be able to get away with a lot of stuff. I just know when I can afford to stamp collect, my form 4 will say "any lawful purpose" not "zombies."

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