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TIGR/SVD owners

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The front site/flash hider combo seems so rare and last one on Gunbroker sold for $495.


I've have one on backorder with Rusmilitary.com since April 2013


So I saw on a airsoft site, the front site section.  Though its not steel, being on the barrel I'm thinking it can still handle the heat.  For the flash hider, use the Tabuk style one from Nodakspud.  Would require threading the barrel.


Not going to shoot iron site, scope only(which I already have).  So this could complete the look.  I even have a 4inch 1x14 barrel extension, threaded approriately on both ends, so if OD was right and the 'blacks' match, could give it proper length appearance of SVD.  The sight post could even be mounted to the extension. 


If I thread barrel, I can try the extension with the tabuk (have one on another gun) to see if accuracy or performance are affected before I mount sight.


So my question is (beside telling me anything I didn't think correct about above), if I thread barrel, official flashider/site combo arrives, original barrel length is still same and when I slide it over, the threads will just be covered and there isn't any negative side effect?

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I have a TIGR, and honestly, if I wasn't able to get a real SVD flash hider to put on there, then I would go without one.  I certainly wouldn't go 'trailerpark bubba" one on there,  but that is me. but,  it's your rifle do what you want.

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I recently aquired a tiger just recently and came with the svd brake. Correct me if I'm wrong but two versions entered the U.S the sporter version with no muzzle brake an regular thumb hole stock with no cheek riser and 3 setting on rear sight. Then there's the military version with the muzzle brake not attached entering the U.S removable cheek riser and adjustable sights up to 1200 meters. I agree if it were mine I would not mess with it.

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