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anyone hear of a bow sling...?

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...because i built one! I put it together for less than 20$ too. I've seen some pretty neat videos online of these things and figured to try it out. I'm thinkin it'll fit nicely in a b.o.b or camping pack if someone doesn't wanna carry a full bow around, and limit shot distance. I'll test it tomorrow and let ya'll know how it does.


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Initial testing of the slingbow yields roughly a 6 inch group at 20 yards--what i would call the maximum range for this set up. It also penetrates roughly 5 inches into the block target with the factory bands. Adjustments will have to be made to the whisker biscuit as it tends to move after every shot. Need to find a better way of stabilizing it while retaining the function of flipping it down to allow for regular ammunition. I think with that conundrum solved i will get ahold of the stronger bands and really see what it can do.


Edited to add: it would also be useful to figure out how to bring the whisker biscuit up to the level of the bands as the degree of compensation for the shot could be minimized substantially. That, or cut down the arms where the bands connect.

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Are you using full length arrows? I would think shorter lighter arrows just long enough to give you full draw would work best.


Just speculation of course.


I played with a similar idea when I was a kid. I used a piece of cut up dirt bike fender taped to the handle for an arrow rest. It stayed put fairly well and allowed the shot pouch to follow through the shot.

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