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Lone Eagle

"Polish"(Romanian) M68 followed me home.

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Well, wife did the taxes, and decided she needed a new EDC.  She found a nice Sig P238 Liberty Edition cheap.  While she was yacking with the salesman, I spotted this little guy.  Started haggling, and walked out with it for $650.  Brand new, all part numbers match sans cover, US barrel/receiver/FCG, and appears to be an Ironwood stock.  Sights are straight, RPK adjustable rear sight, and good sight picture.  It came with 2 surplus steel 30 round mags and a Tapco 30 rounder, but no cleaning kit/rod(no biggie....I have a spare G3 pull through kit).  I had an extra AK rod, so I added it simply for aesthetics.  Trunnion is Romy marked and dated 1970.  It also has the adjustable bipod.  Why CAI markets them as Polish we don't know.




The wood appears to be stained instead of shellacked.  Grip is original bakelite, and matches the stock color.






I was going to make a baby Tabuk out of it, but the color/stock has grown on me a bit.  I do plan on an optic rail(given a bolt-on side rail by a member on another forum), AKMN FH(on the way from a guy who custom makes them), and picked up a 75 round drum. 


It has a Tapco G2 Single Hook installed, and needed a contact surface polish.  I also had to tweak the top cover a touch on the charging side to get it off the carrier. 


The only con I found with it is the finish.  Typical CAI BBQ paint on the receiver, gas tube,  and carrier.  Barrel appears to be parkerized and is chrome lined.  I plan on stripping the carrier and doing a polish job on it and definitely refinishing the receiver this summer. 


Took it down the road to a spot, set my 5" gong at roughly 100 yds, and put a few down the pipe.  It would feed HP ammo, but could have done with a slight feed ramp job on the chamber(not touching the chrome, baby).  It feeds them, but nicks the tip just a shade.  It definitely liked the SP and SST rounds I tried.  All rounds fired rang the gong. 


All in all, I'm impressed.

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I would think that CAI would market these as Polish so they can get more for them than a Romanian.


Or not to confuse with the AES-10?

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Couple of differences in the 10B and the M68.  M68 lacks the side rail and carry handle, but comes with a slant brake instead of the standard muzzle nut. 


Could be just a marketing ploy as well.

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Nice find. And welcome to RPKing. That finish is alot nicer than the bare wood my 10B came with.

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Thought I'd give a little update.  Title should have been M64....lol. 


Got the side rail installed, and slapped the Centerpoint 3-9x off my son's .308 on it.  Dialed it in for a 50/200 zero, and tried several loads.  It really liked Federal Fusion and Hornady SST.  I actually cloverleafed the Fusion at 50, and groups were under 2"@100yds.  Irons at 100 yielded typical 3-4" groupings on Wolf/Tula, and shot a solid 5" spread on 30 rounds of M67.  I plan on a solid 200yd paper print next trip.  So far, it's a textbook DMR rifle.


I decided to remove the bipod after finding out it shifted my POI almost 6" when deployed.  FSB was easy to remove(plastic mallet, 2 whacks, bipod off), and everything went back on straight.  I'm working on a custom stock this winter, and converting it to a "Tabuk Mutt" build. 

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