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Finally got some accuracy numbers at 100 yards

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This is an old thread, but my .308 Saiga had the exact same problem. I also have a TWS dust cover and a 22" barrel. I found the solution, and it's simple and cheap. On the recoil spring guide rod/cam lock on the original saiga, you'll notice a little aluminum buffer dangling off the bottom. That is there to stop over stroking of the bolt carrier. When you switched to the TWS dogleg, it came with a new guide rod/cam lock without the little buffer. This allows the bolt carrier to fly back and slam into the cam lock at the rear of the receiver, but it's even easier to do when charging the rifle by hand. My bolt carrier has even gotten stuck to the rear a few times. All you need to stop this from happening is a recoil buffer pad from CSS. Here's the link: https://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/BLACKJACK_BUFFER_AK47_SAIGA_AK_p/ak-buffer.htm It will keep the bolt carrier from being able to go all the way back when charging and jostling the dust cover. It's like $7. I installed one and it got rid of my 1st round flyer.

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The rest of the story is that TWS was aware of the issue with the S308, and came up with a special takedown button/spring guide you could get to use with the .308.  I bought it and found that it would not allow the button to seat properly, so I had to revert to the standard TWS button and use the buffer method as you do.  For me the only thing that seems to have fixed the first found low/vertical stringing problem has been to remove metal from the gas tube until it is a little loose.

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The IMR 4895 powder we use in semi auto rifles. We use the cci#34 military thick wall primers. I haven’t worked up a load yet but that’s my starting point. This powder has the correct burn rate for semi autos.


Has anyone played with the free bore dimension? It can change your accuracy. How far the bullet sits to the throat. Where the rifling starts.

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