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WTT 1925/3850 .22lr remington golden bullets, possibly 3850 for firear

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It's just a shot in the dark, looking to trade for a bolt action .223/5.56 or something in x39

Parts, good optics, .224 lead


Face to face on central oregon coast/ lane county oregon.


These are my backup supply, 1400 rd buckets topped off with 525 bulk packs to fill the buckets



Well it uploaded before I finished it and can't update the title, sorry about that for anyone not in oregon.

If a mod happens to see this, would love for the title to be

"Oregon only, 1925/3850 .22lr remington gold bullet, trade for firearm 5.56 or x39

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I also have cash, or other ammo to trade towards something nice like a long barrel s12

An s410

Have lesser amount of .22 for a chipmunk or other youth bolt single shot.


NAA .22lr/.22mag mini revolver. Good progressive loading setup



For trade upgrade i Have a maverick 28" /20"x8rd combo, hunting by day home defense by night.


8mm corrosive ammo and 8mm domestic hunting ammo


A 10/22 all stock cheapie model.

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