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What mags can the "Fury" use?

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Hey Everyone:


I'm tempted to get a Century Arms "Fury" semi-auto 12-gauge shotgun since I don't see actual Saiga 12s anywhere right now.


Can this thing use SGM Saiga mags? It comes with 5-rounds mags, but I want larger mags than that. Who wouldn't?


Also, this thing is adjustable for high pressure and low pressure shells. How do you know which is which? Are 2 3/4" shells low pressure and 3" high pressure? 



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From what I've learned researching, they take Catamount Fury magazines. Hehe. I've only seen 5-rounders, but heard rumors of 10-rounders. I think it has to do with not being able to have high-cap mags for an import "sporting" shotgun. I don't think there's been enough time for U.S. companies to make aftermarket American-made magazines.


I have no idea about the differences with other Saiga-like magazines. Perhaps conversions aren't too hard.

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They use a funky half saiga half vepr magazine that has a last round bolt hold open. We are working on it, but it will be a couple months at least before they are ready for sale.


I will caution, I converted one last week.... HUGE pain in the ass, even with a fully equipped shop at my disposal.   

Here are a few of the warnings:


You must make the legs of a tapco trigger longer to correctly contact the safety. The hammer spring used goes all the way to the end of the legs, extending them will allow you to reuse the spring.

The hammer itself is used as the pivot point of the LRBHO, so you must alter one part or another to use the US made hammer.

The pivot pins are different, and won't work with tapco triggers, they have a thick section that passes through the hammer and trigger to act as a wide pivot point.. I fixed mine on a lathe.

The gas puck is similar to a vepr but much smaller in diameter.. I made one on a lathe for parts count.

The gas adjustment knob is not cross compatible with saigas..

The rear mounting block is not AK pattern and will require an adapter to change.. I milled an adapter to use an ace stock.


Other wise it seems to be fairly sound.


If you have money to spare, look at the vepr-12 it is pretty much ready to go for $1000 from atlantic firearms. 


Here is my conversion before painting. I ended up using hi temp spray paint because I get the feeling I'm going to want to change something once I get to shoot it.

Easy to do with a Lathe, Mill and Tig welder.rolleyes.gif




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I couldn't find an S-12 either until I found one... I paid $780 OTD for mine (panic times) and I don't regret it. The Fury has almost NO aftermarket support at this time and that alone is enough to keep me away from it.

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Jeebus, what a PITA.


IIRC they are not rated for 3" shells either.


The receiver is stamped for 3", but I'm not going to shoot any until the guns have been around for a bit longer.


Once these have been around for awhile, I'm sure there will be parts for each of the problems.

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I have a fury and its heavily modified. Just takes some simple know how and patients and you can do it. Mine has a full AR adjustable stock grip rails barrel shround and muzzle break and all of the internals have been polished and fine tuned and works great and looks wicked bad. I paid a whopping 400$ and even running a 20 round drum mag. Took me about a whole days worth of work to do it all. I think it went pretty well and was simple. Maybe it was just me?

Would also like to add I didnt do any machine work or all that good stuff. Just used a dremal a drill and simple hand tools found in my garage.

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New to the board here's my Catamount fury

CSS conversion kit, CSS reliability kit, JT recoil rod, polished bolt, rail and hammer, rail kit on forend, muzzle break. Ported gas block. No issues on reliability on low brass ammo.IMG_20150925_181636_zpsvzsy1xxy.jpg



I thought your picture was of 2 doorstops


That's Thor's hammer, mjolnir and a door stop.






Just Efin with ya Cat12. It's a fine looking shoty.

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Jeebus, what a PITA.


IIRC they are not rated for 3" shells either.

They (Fury shotguns) are in-fact rated for 3".


The Fury 1 (F1) I just converted I kept configured for their mags.  I have five of the 5x, and four of the 10x magazines, so I probably won't run out of shotgun ammo before I run out of zombies.  The F1 magazine is like an AK: rock and lock.  You can convert your F1 to use only S-12 (Saiga 12g) mags, but then you've got to buy a bunch of Saiga mags.  Your call.


The Fury 2 (F2) magazine does not have the AK-style front lug.  It will NOT work in the F1, and I can't comment on it working in VEPRs, which use a similar system I opine (but don't know).


My conversion runs just fine at the moment.


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I saw a Fury at my local gun store yesterday. The mags are definitely different. They had this weird catch on the side opposite of the release button. Took me a few seconds to figure out how to get it inserted back in. I'm pretty sure they aren't compatible. The one I saw was $600 and it said it came with 5 magazines. The magazines looked to be somewhere between a 5-rounder and a 10-rounder in length, but I'm guessing they were probably just 5-rounders. It was stock with no pistol grip. Might be fun to convert one to a bullpup.

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