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My .308 Kushnapup Conversion

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I loved my stock .308 but wanted to make it more exciting.  I have owned only a couple of guns, but have never really made one "mine".  Gun Started off stock, simple, great.




The only non stock thing I had were the 24rd Magazines, and some cheap ass hunting / plinking ammo.




The OAL length was never a problem, and gun performed flawlessly during hunts.  Nosler Ballistic Tip dropped this 260 lb Hog with 1 shot.  




Whole right side of face blown off where arrow pointing. (Nosler)




For reference purposes: Nosler 30 Cal




I was also able to drop two 115-135 lb Doe 20 minutes later with my Hornandy Hollow Point




All 3 shots accurate as hell.  I have had great results with cheap (Tula, PMC) ammo and expensive hunting rounds.  However, Federal Power Shok has given me some trouble for some reason.


After getting some good use out of the gun, Bored of its look and simplicity, I decided to spruce things up a little bit.  I know the kush conversion is a personally preference, But I liked the look and wanted the shorter OAL.   So I ventured into doing it.

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Un-boxed polymer kit.   Was way more sturdy than I thought, but looked great.   (borrowed pic)




After removing the buttstock and forend,  some sandblasting and painting (cerakote).   I had a halfway done finished product.




Finally, after sawing off the tangs and doing some cutting around the mag release.  The finished "broken" down product.




And finally, after 2 months of being lazy.





I am pleased with the matte white / black contrast.   It looks even more amazing in person.   I have yet to fire it since conversion.  I did some work on the trigger to make it more smooth and clean flowing, still heavy.  Also had to remove a few ribs from the polymer so that the safety lever could slide flawlessly.


Barska 5mw laser, 600 lumen tactical flashlight, trs-25 scope (plan on getting better) tromix smooth charging handle, Krebs Custom Mk VI Safety Lever, SGM Recoil pad and plan on buying a SGM Tac Muzzle Brake (painting it white)


Over all, proud of the gun.   I would love some comments.  I respect your opinions, and I know people will not like the kushnapup conversion.   Just a time killer and the results were pleasing.     I still have to somehow mount the a Picatinny rail on the gas tube for the red dot.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   I know I am new to the forums, but thank you for checking it out!




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I was wearing ear protection as always "bro"


Guy infront of me to the left was not and was trying to film as well as cover his ears which is why he says "yeah".


and thanks, fun gun to shoot.  trigger finally running smoothly.

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