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I'm looking for some help. I've got a type 01 Vepr in 7.62x39mm, and I'm in the middle of converting it to something more traditional looking.


Does anyone know what kind of gas tubes are interchangeable between models of AK's and Vepr's? I'm looking for something that will hold an upper handguard and drop in with not much more than some minor filing if at all possible. I've been looking online and all I've found that's vepr specific is dinzag's, & after contacting him he said he was out and that the waiting list was 30+ deep currently. I've also talked to people who've told me that I can buy any gas tube and drop it in, but after looking at pictures of different gas tubes, it looks like if I buy the wrong one I'd need to do some major fitting to get it to work if it would work at all.


Has anyone here ever done this type of conversion and if so, what kind of gas tube did you use? (Romanian, Bulgarian, E. German, Russian, etc) This is my first conversion I've ever done myself, so I just want to make sure I do it right.


Thanks for any and all help in advance.

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Yes, it is the slant back. I bought the adapter from Carolina Shooters supply as soon as I saw he had them in stock. The plum furniture is a K-Var Warsaw length, which fits me quite nicely.


No, unfortunately none of the magazines are from the Molot plant, as I've had no luck finding any at other than collector's prices. I would love some 40 round bakelite or steel mags from them though. I suppose the circle 10 40 round magazines I'm going to order will have to do though. All of my mags are new, & are mostly Serbian PAP mags (with the last round bolt hold open), circle 10 30 rounders, with a few Tula 30 round bakelites I picked up while Aim had them on sale recently.

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Also, it has had a bullet guide installed, and the magazine catch was filed down to allow the use of standard AK47/AKM magazines to be used with it.


There are a few more things I would love to do with it, such as having the stock adapter welded to the receiver, duracoating all of the metal black, and having the gas block pressed off, the barrel notched, & having a real handguard retainer installed instead of the bolt on it currently has to have. But unfortunately it will be awhile before I can afford to have any of those things done.


But in the meantime, she shoots fine, so I'm quite happy with how she's turned out.

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Sorry all. I very rarely visit here anymore.


The handguard retainer is the bolt-on one sold by Carolina Shooter's Supply. The steel one, not the aluminum.


It's a K-Var stock set, so it's more of a brownish plum color. While I would have loved real Russian plum, it just wouldn't have worked for 922r unless I changed some other things I didn't want to, like the piston, or followers and floorplates.

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