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Anyone ever tried the Dragons Breath shotgun round?

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I've used them in my 870 pump.EXTREME FIRE HAZARD!!!!BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!I shot one at night and burst a t-shirt into flames that was the target.Burning magnesium bits were all over the concrete!Night into day instantly!It would be good to employ against night vision devices.

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i think it's pretty obvious that the "real thing" is an extreme fire hazard (most cheap knockoffs are too of course, but to a lesser extend).


i hear some forrest ranger / firemen / whatever use it in Spain and Italy to start controlled forrest fires when there is no time to screw around with that dripping candle thing.

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I always thought these would be kind of a good gag load to hand in the middle of a mag to a buddy at the range. Kindof like the expoding cigarette load. I wonder if the range officer would think low of it? Better than shooting them in Florida in the summertime outdoors. Some nickleheads started a major fire with tracers out of an AR last summer.


They are a good way to get kicked off a range. Right now they think Shooter's Paradise in Virginia burned down because some assclown thought it was a good idea to use tracer at an indoor range.

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I have a curisoity question. Has anyone ever tried the "Dragons Breath" shotgun round. It's supposed to be like a 3 or 4 second flamethrower. The picture I saw had a flame shootin out almost 100 yds! Supposedly, (according to the advertisers) it will not harm the barrel in any way. Question two is can a round like that be shot out of a semiauto shotgun? I ask because if it burns for 3-4 seconds but is ejected from

a semiauto in a micro second is the spent shell still going to be spewing out flames as it ejects? I have been curious about this for a while.



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post-35722-0-14449500-1313679290_thumb.jpgi did try the dragon breath in my Saiga 12 shot gun it did fire and was safe to use. but i did have a problem with the rounds not ejecting out. post-35722-0-14449500-1313679290_thumb.jpg


if this is how DRAGON'S BREATH looks like, then it should be aptly renamed ANGEL'S WING based on this picture!




awesome pic by the way.

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