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Problems with Midwest Industries AKSM Side Mount?

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Looking for a little help from the forum. I recently purchased a MI AKSM side mount from Primary Arms along with a couple more of their microdots. This was to replace the UTG mount that has been on the S-12 for sometime and has worked flawlessly. The primary reasons for the change were to have the lowest mount possible and to shed weight.




The mount had to be tightened up quite a bit, but installed snugly on the side rail. Mount sat perfectly. However, when I tried to mount the MD-06 atop of the rail, the mounting screws bottomed out before tightening on the rail. The microdot jiggled around a lot on the top rail. My first thought was the mounting base on the PA MD-06 was out of spec. That began a process of me pulling out 10 different optics and scope mounts, and trying them on the MI AKSM. Not a single one would tighten down without the mounting screws bottoming out. (i.e. no more adjustment to tighten the mount to the rail)



Has anyone experienced this problem with the MI AKSM mount? The top rail width mics at 0.833", which is the same as all the other picatinny rails I own. The rail width at the T-slots only mic 0.760", which is smaller than the 0.803 I see on my other rails. I contacted Midwest Industries, and they asked a lot of questions that assumed I was a complete idiot, and then said I could send it in at my expense if I wanted to. I sent them an email back stating I did indeed want to send it in for a replacement, but not at my cost. I have not heard a peep from them since. Customer service was not what I had expected based on their reputation.


I have read of several others having the same issues, all which seem to be recent purchasers, as if this might have been a recent QC issue. Older reviews have been great. At this point, I am going to return the mount to Primary Arms. I am just not sure whether I want a new one or a refund at this point. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

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I have an older one on my S308 that I bought from a forum member, it mounts solid as a rock to the gun and no problems with optics mounting.

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Return it and get an RS Products 300 series mount with the correct top piece for whatever red dot you're using. 

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I'll check into that mount. I believe the PA micro uses the same base mount as the aim point, so they may have what I am looking for.

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