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These things are dangerous. You can't eat just one. I bought several boxes earlier and am eating my stock. It seems like they go faster than .22 LR ammo. The boxes must have a semi-auto mechanism somewhere. Does anyone have an exploded diagram of a Girl Scout cookie box so I can slow its dispensing rate? 


It's also hard not to buy them. How can you say "no" to a sweet, all-American girl asking how many do you want to buy ... in public at places like Wal-Mart .... with seemingly every mom ready to smile approvingly or scorch you with laser eyes. 


I know one should save for retirement, but every year the Girl Scouts show-up seemingly out of nowhere and blow my budget. I've endured having a Marine Corps D.I. yell in my face, but to not be able to stand-up to Girl Scouts .... 


Am I the only one? Am I just a poor, sad excuse of a man for not having any cookie discipline?


How do you veterans do it? I know you are "hard-core." What defense is there against Girl Scout cookies?! I assume there's some sort of a vest, but my belly might be too big. It's too late. Just shoot me now.


But before you do, can I have a Girl Scout cookie? big_smile.gif  



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One of my local girl scout troops was selling them to send to Afghanistan. I bought 3 boxes for me and two sent over seas. I have that most large grocery stores sell the same cookies under their brand name at half the price. The number of cookies you get in a box is smaller every year.

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I'm sure it's a government mind-control conspiracy to literally shove their pro-lesbian agenda down our throats.  Nah, maybe not...and even if it is, have you tried those Savannah Smiles?  Well worth it!


The folks at work are always bringing in order forms.  I usually get a few for myself and send a few overseas.  Of course, I usually get impatient waiting for my cookies, so I'll buy from Girl Scouts at supermarkets if I see them in the meantime.

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You think you have it bad... The neighbor across the street has five, count them, five daughters.  Every year I get inundated by them asking me to buy their calorie filled wares.  And even worse, two doors down is another neighbor with a Girl Scout daughter too.  Now to top it all off a family just moved in next to me on the other side with two more girls.  WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO DO NOW???what.gif

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