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NIB XN MKA and Firebird Precision Parts for Sale

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Edited Price of Lower...


Since it appears that there is no page for members to post items for sale, I guess I will do it here.  Mods, please move this as needed.  I wanted to post here before gunbroker etc. May post on Brian Enos as well.  All prices DO NOT include shipping.  You pay actiual shipping.  Will only ship CONUS and the XN MKA will only be shipped to your FFL.


For Sale:


Brand new in the box, never fired, XN model MKA 1919.  Bought it to build a Tac-12 with the below Firebird parts and have now purchased a Firebird A1. $550.




Also for sale:


Firebird Precision Tac-12 Aluminum lower, "in the white".  I purchased this with the intent of plating or Cerakoting it.  Never fired or mounted this lower.  I will Cerakote it in Black, Coyote Brown, or Foilage Green for the buyer for free, if purchased for listing price. (Retail $375) my price $325

Firebird Precision HEOS High Energy Operating System- New, never fired - (Retail $105) my price $85 Back up for sale

Firebird short length handguard, never fired (retail $259) My price $225 Back up for sale

Firebird Lower Parts kit, never fired (retail $188) My price $90 (might have a few parts missing from the current version.  PM if interested for exact parts.  You can use the parts in your existing lower and this parts kit to finish building out the Firebird lower for a complete lower, with better (and U.S. made parts.



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Thanks for all the questions.  I've gotten a couple of questions regarding which parts are included with the lower and which ones are included with the parts kit, so hopefully this will clarify -


The receiver comes from Firebird with anti-walk pins, safety detent/spring/cup, feed ramp, bolt lock roll pin and assembly bolt (which attaches the lower to the upper).  All of those parts are included with the receiver I have for sale. 


The mag release catch plate and spring, and bolt catch are not included with firebird lowers, and I don’t think they are included with their parts kits either.  I think you use the factory parts from the donor gun for those.  FB might have some they can sell you though, you'd have to check with them.


The mag release button and bolt, grip screw, upper/lower bolt, are included in their new parts kit, but it was not included when I bought mine with this lower.   FB has mag release buttons are for sale for $14.25 and I'm sure the grip screw as well if you need it. The new upper/lower bolt comes with the lower.


My parts kit includes: Firebird hammer and spring, disconnector and spring, trigger and spring, and safety assembly.  Everything shown in the pic above (except the bolt catch roll pin) - $90.  This parts kit originally cost me $150.  The bolt catch roll pin shown in the pic is going with the lower.  



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