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My first attempt at cleaning the gas ports

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And I need a bit of advice, as I MAY have a problem. Or not.


To make a not-so-long story into a shorter one, I got done cleaning the 4 ports, when I looked down the barrel to see this:




Now, you may not be able to see it, but the little pricks of darkness in the upper portion which is backlit are the ports, or something coming out of them. Is it possible I bent the metal of the ports a bit, or is this something that was obstructing them?

I ran a brush down the bore, but it didn't really do a whole lot.

Personally, it looks like slight burring. And in that case, would this be something that would "shoot out"(be taken off with some shot or slugs run through the gun, or is this something that a smith may have to look at?


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Please don't put a file down there! It may just be we you cleaned it with. The edges are very sharp and if you clean don't push muzzle to breach or it will cut off and snag stuff. I had some small burrs on a gun I drilled the ports and felt the bit grab and chink as it went through the chrome. Clean the ports with a wire again and push it into the barrel and clean breach to muzzle and see if you can work it out. I would usually never worry about stuff like that( but I was the one with bulged barrel)so I would t take advice from me! Lmao

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